Saturday Shopping – ASOS Wedding Collection

It’ll come as a surprise to no-one reading this blog that I’m an ASOS fan. I’ve featured them a few times now, not only thanks to the impressive range of some of my favourite brands like Chi Chi, Closet and Ted Baker, but because lately their own line of dresses has been something to admire too. It’s only natural, then, that they were one of my first stops when I started to look for Bridesmaids frocks a couple of weeks ago. They’ve provided me with more than a few options so far, but they stepped it up a notch this month when they launched their Wedding line!

bridesmaidsThe line contains a multitude of gorgeous dresses, mostly in pastel colours (did ASOS actually read my post??) and in a range of different styles, giving it a kind of mix and match theme. This really lends itself well to the the more modern Wedding, where brides now often go for a matching style in a range of shades, or pick one colour but vary the cut of the frock. It’s a look I rather like, and if I had more than just my two Bridesmaids I’d probably consider something similar myself. ASOS, ever the trendsetter, have also mixed it up by throwing in some floral prints, which is a nice idea that I’ve not seen done before.

Having heard on good authority, from friends further along in the planning process than me, that shopping for your right-hand ladies can be one of the more painful parts of the Wedding journey, this should be music to a Bride’s ears. Gone are the days where you have to shell out a large sum for a stuffy, formal looking frock from a Bridal Boutique – the High Street has it covered, and now that old addage ‘and you could still wear it after the wedding….!’ is finally true! I’d be more than willing to acquire a few of these for myself, Wedding or no Wedding…..

Top Row L-R: Cold Shoulder Midi, £38Maxi, £55, Floral Prom Dress, £75, Super Full Floral Maxi, £95. Bottom Row L-R: Ruched Bodice Bandeau Maxi, £75, Fishtail Maxi, £65, Lilac Drape Front with Lattice Back, £50Watercolour Mint Maxi, £65,

As well as the Wedding Collection, you’ll also find more of ASOS’ standard (though I don’t think ‘standard’ is really an apt description – they’re mostly pretty stunning!) lines, extra suggestions from classic ‘Wedding appropriate’ brands like Coast, Little Mistress & Forever Unique and numerous ideas for matching accessories. It really is a one stop shop!



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