The Curious Case of the Breeding Skirts….


There is something strange going on in my wardrobe…..

Everyone knows I love a nice, full, midi skirt. The bigger and swishier (yes, thats a real word) the better, in fact. So it should come as no surprise that I am in possession of quite a few of them. But there comes a time when you realise you really shouldn’t buy anymore. Not because I don’t want any more, you understand. If I had room, I would probably own Lindy Bop’s Peggy skirt (last seen here and here) in every colour and print available, and let me tell you, I’m still thinking of ways to make that dream a reality. So far the only idea I came up with though was giving up the house and moving into the Amazon depot, but since they apparently don’t take tenants I accepted I probably had enough of them to keep me going for a while. But then something crazy happened. The collection suddenly went from 10 to 14 in the blink of an eye. Just like that. There is only one explanation – they’re multiplying. It’s out of control and I don’t even know how it started.

Ok, I kind of know where it started. It started with this one:

Tapestry Skirt
‘My Fair Lady’ Embroidered Midi Skirt, Chicwish

Look at it. Look at all that pouffy, pastely, princessy (more new words) prettiness. It’s not my fault, it looked at me with sad puppy eyes from the pages of Chicwish and that was it, I had no choice but to take it home. That would have been that, to be fair, but being the bleeding heart I am it wasn’t long before I saw another one that needed a home…..

Stripes Skirt
‘Stripes’ Full A-Line Midi Skirt, Chicwish

Come on, could you really leave that one behind? Shiny satin stripes? When there is a buy one get one half price offer? We all know the answer to that one, you can’t judge me.

So I guess that explains the first two. But no sooner had those two settled in, these two suddenly appeared?

Yafex Vintage Style Swing Skirts, c/o Amazon

Now, I have no idea where they came from, but clearly, they are twins, so it would just be cruel to split them up, and, well, they’re here now, so they may as well stay. Still a mystery how they got here though, it was nothing to do with me. It definitely wasn’t because I stumbled across them on Amazon (see, I SHOULD live there, it would save so much time) while shopping for a new iron and realised they were only a tenner each. IT WASN’T! And if anyone tries to say otherwise I’ll deny it…

Anyway, I think the mysterious multiplying may have stopped for the time being, partly because no one needs more than 14 circle skirts (although, I would be much happier with a round number if I’m honest. Like 15. Or 30.) and partly because I already spent all my money on the other 4, so there shouldn’t be any more surprise new additions for now. Unless someone fancies buying me one (or all) of the below…..

Top Row Clockwise: Chicwish ‘Kiss of Flowers’ Skirt – Asos Premium Bonded Floral Skirt – Hell Bunny ‘Cannes Skirt’

Bottom Row L-R: Lindy Bop ‘Peggy’ SkirtCoat ‘Eve’ Jacquard Skirt – Chicwish ‘Stripes’ Skirt

Pretty please?



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