Fantasy Friday – Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate Suede’ in Rosette


Look what I just found.

So Kate

As if So Kate 120’s weren’t pretty enough already, Monsieur Louboutin thought perhaps the world needed a pair in super soft suede. AND PINK! Not just any pink, but the sweetest, cutest, pastel pink I ever did see. Monsieur Louboutin was soooo right. The world I do need these shoes. For a start, wouldn’t they just be the perfect match for that Elise Ryan dress that will also totally be mine one day? Oh, wait, I forgot that I still don’t actually have any Royal Gala’s to attend. Never mind. I will just wear them to work everyday, because, let’s face it, nothing says durable like pastel coloured suede in England, where it almost never rains. Erm….. maybe I will just place them on the shelf where I can look at them every day instead, and maybe lovingly stroke them from time to time. Sounds like money well spent to me….

Now, if only they also came in powder blue, then my collection (and life) would surely be complete, no? Wait…..

So Kate 2

Oh, hello there So Kate Vernis, So Kate Suede’s not quite identical but equally beautiful twin! How would you also like to join your sisters in my wardrobe/display cabinet? What’s that you say? I can totes wear you because you’re patent and therefore rain appropriate? Oh go on then….

There can’t be such a thing as having too many pairs of So Kates can there? Yes, that was a serious question…..*



*That wasn’t really the serious question. We all know you can never have too many So Kates. The serious question is how do I con someone into buying both pairs for me?

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