Fantasy Friday – Kate Spade Tanner Dress

So, I had a little look on the Kate Spade website. I know, I know, why torture myself? But it’s been a tough week, and it’s Friday, so why the hell not, why not treat myself (yes you would be right in thinking it’s very sad that I consider fantasy dress shopping a treat).

I kinda wish I hadn’t though, because it wasn’t long before I saw this….

Kate Spade Tanner
That little work of art is the Tanner dress, also available in red or white, but it was this pretty mint green version that really caught my eye. Look at that twirly skirt. Definite princess properties going on right there. So. Freaking. Cute. Hang on though, it gets better….

Kate Spade Tanner 2Holy crap, IT’S EVEN MORE CUTE FROM BEHIND! Basically because it has a BOW on it. Not just any bow, the most perfectly formed bow my adoring little eyes have ever seen. WAIT, THERE’S MORE! It’s only on sale! What are the chances? There I am, innocently perusing the designer frocks, completely expecting to leave there in unfulfilled tears, when I stumbles across the cutest dress in the world on sale! It’s the best one, and it’s now just the bargain price of…. Oh no wait, I still can’t afford it.

Never mind.

Well, since we’re already here we may as well pick out which fantasy shoes we would buy to wear with the fantasy dress if we actually had money. And somewhere to wear fantasy clothes to. No contest – would have to be these…

Kate Spade Charm

The infamous Charm sandals. These aren’t new to me. They’ve been on my fantasy list for a long time now, thankfully a new version comes out every season so one day I might just be in with a chance. Yep, I’ve seen these plenty of times but it doesn’t stop me dropping by to have another sneaky peak. If I lived near a store that actually sold Kate Spade I would pop by weekly to pay them a visit. You know, just to see how they were doing. I’m not even ashamed to admit that.

Happy Friday, people!


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