Fantasy Friday – Over the Knee Boots

Usually a faithful bargainista, I did something rather out of character last Winter. I splashed out on an expensive pair of boots. I’d been looking for a pair of over the knee boots slim enough to wear under my midi skirts and dresses for a long time, and when I stumbled across my Dune ‘Stretchy’ Boots (last seen here) it was lust at first sight. Nothing else I tried on came close, so when I spotted them in the sale (at a still-eye-watering-but-not-quite-as-bad-as-before price) I gave in and made them mine. In order to justify my rather extravagant purchase I quickly declared them ‘The Only Pair Of Boots I Will Ever Need’, which is why the following currently sit on my Fantasy List rather than my Wish List.

There is nothing wrong with a little window shopping though, right? As long as you don’t open your purse? So when waiting for a friend the other day I couldn’t resist having a quick nose around the boots sections in a few of my favourite stores. First to catch my eye were these:

Dune Stretchy

That’s right, it’s Dune ‘Stretchy’ again, only this time in suede! SUEDE, PEOPLE! Normally the idea of owning the exact same boots again in suede would seem like a no brainer, but I might just manage to resist these this time around. This year they are a little less pricey, mainly due to the fact that the back of the boot is elastic rather than suede, which is just enough to stop them being irresistible. It cheapens the look a little, but that perfect shape is still there, so if they were to suddenly find themselves in a bargain bin, I probably wouldn’t say no…..

Unless of course I already owned these….

Karen Millen

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the new ‘Only Pair Of Boots I will Ever Need Except This Time They’re Suede’, by Karen Millen. These basically hit the nail on the head. Perfect shape, perfect height, but, hello? £350 for a High Street brand? No thanks. These will be staying firmly on the Fantasy List.

Next up were these bad boys….

Miss KG Velvet

I was trying (and failing) the other day to explain to someone why you needed to have not just heeled over the knee ones, but flat ones too. Heels might be perfect for wearing with midis, but with a shorter hemline they could look a little Pretty Woman, so you need a casual pair too, obvs! Again, I’ve never quite managed to find the perfect pair, so I’m always on the look out for some, and this pair, ‘Velvet’ by Miss KG come pretty close. I love the leopard print detail on the heel, and they’re a nice shape in the pictures, but these are actually fabric boots, and I don’t know about you, but paying upwards of £100 for what is essentially a sleeve with a shoe on the end just doesn’t seem right. And so the search continues….

Now we’re talking….!

Dune Sylver

I scrap that bit before about The Only Boots I’ll Ever Need. I just realised I didn’t factor in all the neutrals – I can’t be expected to just wear black boots for the rest of my life can I? And lucky for me, I just found the perfect brown pair. Dune strikes again with these ‘Sylver’ boots. These. Are. Amazing. If only they came in tan too.

Speaking of which….

Topshop Bell

Behold the perfect compromise! Topshop’s ‘Bell’ Boots – tan, suede and with a heel but a chunky one, so they can be dressed up and down… Need them. What a fool I was believing I could be a one pair woman! I take it all back! Now please excuse me while I go schedule some new eBay alerts….



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