Outfit: Throwback Thursday

So apparently, any blogger worth her salt is posting Throwback Thursday photos today. This blogger here isn’t particularly down with the kids though. I signed up to Instagram once. About 2 years ago. I’m yet to post a picture. Really must get around to that. See also: Twitter and Whatsapp. But never one to want to be left out, I thought, why not, lets go find out what this hashtag thing is all about. Also, I came across an outfit photo I forgot to post months ago, so…..

I thought I’d better check that my #TBT was legitimate first – hey, I don’t want to start throwing hashtags around and have all the cool kids laugh at me for doing it wrong – so I Googled it (don’t laugh) and discovered that apparently, in order to be classed as a true ‘Throwback’, “the photo MUST be from a different era in your life”. Thanks, Urban Dictionary. I also found that exemptions can be made on the grounds of ‘Hotenicity’, but I didn’t really understand what the hell that meant. One newfangled trend at a time, people, I’m new to this, and it’s complicated. I mean there are rules and everything, and Hotenicity is a real word in this reality. I don’t know what it means, but it’s a real, actual word, with a definition in the Urban Dictionary and everything.

Anyway, taken a mere few months ago I don’t think this pic really classes as a ‘Throwback’, but to me, it feels like an era ago. Funny how life can take a sudden u-turn just when you think you have it all figured out. It’s strange how you can look at a pic of yourself from such a short time ago, heading out for care-free Bank Holiday drinks, a soon-to-be married woman, and think how different life seems now. Still, surely if it changed so much in the last three months, who knows what the next three months have in store, right? Things could be amazing in three months time. They could also be even more crappy of course, but lets not dwell on that….

That’s all a bit depressing, so I’ll end on a funny story about this day. My sister Katie had borrowed my Ted Baker Luceey shoes and as we walked down the street towards our destination a guy shouted out, “Nice shoes!” My brain automatically went “Shoes?? Where?!” so I looked round, only to be greeted with, “Not yours, your mates!” Ha, jokes on you pal, I thought, those are mine too, and I felt pretty smug about it. For about 5 mins, till I realised no-one cared. Oh well, small victories…!




In this post: Teal Jeggings, Primark (Similar) – Black Camisole, Dorothy Perkins – Leather Jacket, Topshop (Similar) – Necklace, New Look  – Teal Peep Toes, Zara (Similar) – Clutch Bag, Primark (Similar)

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