Winter is Coming….


No, this post has nothing to do with Game of Thrones. In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. I know. Something about EVERYONE talking about a TV show on Facebook instantly turns me off it. I’ve also never watched Downton Abbey. Or Gray’s Anatomy. Or The Wire. Or Homeland. Or Breaking Bad. Actually, that last one is a lie, I watched the first series, and admittedly loved it, but then Ollie skipped ahead of me through Season 2 and the appeal was lost. Am I the only one who needs another person to dissect the latest episode with to truly enjoy it? Anyway, as I said, this post has nothing to do with GOT. It has nothing to do with TV whatsoever. Winter really IS coming! And it sucks. Yep, sorry, this post is just an extension of yesterday’s

I first noticed it on my morning walk through the park the other day. The sun was lower in the sky, the grass was wet and there was a definite chill in the air. They’ve cut down the meadow, which always signals the end of the Summer (oh, and Bonnie is PISSED. OFF. She loves bounding through long grass like a mini gazelle. Now she’s all ‘Dude. That grass is so god damn flat. Where the hell am I meant to frolic now, I ask you? Where?!’) but it didn’t smell like fresh cut grass any more, it smelt like rotting leaves and wet tarmac and September. I suddenly felt the dread you used to feel on the first day back to school, which is ironic as I haven’t had a proper break in a long time, so it was really business as usual that day. It feels like yesterday I was writing this post about finally getting light nights and mornings back, and now they’re about to get taken off me again! I’m gonna miss my quiet time in the park.

It seems even less long ago (um, maybe ’cause it was, Steph….) that I was writing this post about kinda missing Winter when it was on it’s way out. Truth is, I didn’t have time to miss it because it’s already back, blowing rain in my face and messing up my hair. I’d love to say I’m now feeling wistful about Summer, but I can’t, because WHERE THE HELL WAS IT? Probably during all those weekends I spent working instead of outside. Oh well. Here’s some nice pictures of what sunshine looks like, you know, just in case you forgot. Or we never see it again, which feels ever so slightly possible right now…..

Right, that’s two posts in a row about how depressed I get in September. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten it out of my system now. I hereby promise not to moan about the weather again until at least October. Well, I’ll try….



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