5 Days, 5 Primark Tea Dresses

See, I really wasn’t joking when I said you’d be seeing a lot more tea dresses with tights and ankle boots!

This time of year I really struggle for inspiration when it comes to getting dressed. Come to think of it, I just struggle in general actually, but this post is not going to be another moan about the weather (you have plenty more of that to come so I’d better spread it out!) I’m not the greatest morning person as it is, you see. I’d love to be the kind of person who gets up early, goes for a run with the dog, makes a healthy breakfast and a smoothie and maybe catches up on a couple of emails all before work, but I’m just not. I suspect those people are also the kind of people who make their lunch, lay out their outfit and pack their bag the night before – my success rate at those things is sporadic to say the least. No, I’m lucky if I make it out of a door with a hastily buttered piece of toast hanging out of my mouth, let alone eat an actual meal. I’m like this at the best of times, so you can imagine the problems dark mornings bring…. In the 10 minutes or so I have to get dressed for work, I don’t waste time deliberating, I just grab the nearest non-creased, non dog-haired item and dash. This, more often than not, means a tea dress and tights, so as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve gathered rather a large selection over the last couple of years, just to make sure I don’t get too bored!

The other week I must have been hitting the snooze button especially frequently, because, as you can see, I managed to wear this combo to work every single day. Not just tea dresses every day, but specifically Primark tea dresses every day, so basically, I have so many of the damn things that I can go a whole week wearing only frocks from a particular store – I think that must be the definition of an addiction. Anyway, rather than bore you silly for the next few posts (assuming you haven’t fallen asleep already, that is) I thought I’d get them out of the way in one fell swoop. You’re welcome. Note: You will notice the title states 5 dresses – there were 5 dresses, but on the Friday I was too busy to take a pic. Which means I went for after work drinks and got too drunk forgot….


hearts dressred dressyellow dress2rose dress

Coming up next: 5 Days, 5 Oasis Tea Dresses. Just kidding!*

*(I might not be kidding)



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