The one where Oasis tries to bankrupt me….


Just when I’d managed to stop myself from nipping into Oasis everyday on the way home from work – to have ‘one last’ rifle of the Summer Sale rail, you know, just incase they’ve knocked another two quid off that skirt you already agreed you didn’t need thus rendering it a bargain and therefore irresistible – they go and do this:

Oasis Sale

They must have been aware that I’d already bought EVERYTHING last time they had a sale, and that I’d been managing to turn the other cheek and ignore the signs in the window (almost knocking over a Big Issue seller in my efforts, may I add, such was my passion to avoid acquiring MORE STUFF), because they just sent me a sneaky email that basically said “Oh Hi, Steph, just checking in, you know, to see how you are…. Also, just FYI, we’ve put EVERYTHING ELSE on sale now…. Yes, even stuff from that V&A range you’ve been lusting over…. Just sayin’, no pressure…”

So of course I was powerless to resist and now am trying to make up a reason why I need another 3 breton striped items, or where I might hang another couple of floral print dresses. Thanks Oasis. Woe is me.

Just in case you don’t have such crippling First World Problems, or perhaps feel like contributing to the Steph’s Skirt Dependency fund, here are some of the pieces I’m struggling not to buy the most….

Top Row L-R: V&A Anna Maria Skirt, £20, Lucy Lace Dress, £38, Cut Out Shopper, £28, Ditsy Chambray Playsuit, £15

Second Row L-R: Embroidered Top, £20, Iris Cami Top, £20, Jessica Trousers, £20, Lace Stripe Skater Dress, £40

Third Row L-R: Striped Midi Dress, £16, D’Orsay Flats, £12, Pleat & Lace Blouse, £22, Rainforest Pencil Skirt, £25

Bottom Row L-R: Sketched Bloom Dress, £20, V&A Swanfield Skirt, £20, Crepe Tunic, £20, V&A Trinity Tunic, £20

Happy Shopping!



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