Fantasy Friday – Coast Tina Rose Maxi

When we were SUPER COOL pre-teens me and a few of my friends used to write to each other. Bear with me on this kids – we didn’t yet have iPhones and MSN was in it’s infancy, so we had to keep in touch somehow. Well, we didn’t, actually. We lived about 3 miles apart and most of us saw each other at school everyday, but still, we had a lot to talk about back then. Plus, we had to find a use for the squillion brightly coloured gel pens we had lovingly collected. Seriously squillions. Even glitter ones. And scented ones. And glow in the dark ones. Once, we even got ones which were rainbow coloured. So we could write in rainbows. ACTUAL RAINBOWS, PEOPLE! Anyway, I digress…..

In these War and Peace sized volumes of ‘notes’ we used to write each other, we used to include pictures. Sometimes they were just doodles, other times we drew elaborate version of movie posters (starring ourselves, of course – told you we were super cool!) but one of my favourites was a picture my friend drew of the two of us collecting our Oscars. Life seemed pretty awesome for future us. I was married to Michael Owen, she was married to Leo Dicaprio and we had just scored the first ever joint lead actress award for our latest summer Blockbuster. But best of all, we were rocking some awesome threads.

I haven’t looked at that pic for some time – though I may have to go dig it out as I’m sure those letters would make great blog fodder – but I’m pretty sure my dress looked a lot like this:

tina rose
Coast ‘Tina Rose’ Maxi, £195

This is the Tina Rose Maxi from Coast, a rather stunning floor length sequined number that looks a lot like it belongs on a red carpet. I really wish I could pull off this frock, but as I’ve said before, the formal look just isn’t me. On me, it wouldn’t look like an award ceremony gown, it would look like I was wearing my Mum’s old housecoat at the age of 12. A bedazzled, sequined housecoat, mind, but a housecoat none the less.

So Tina Rose will need to remain a fantasy for me. For now anyway – I still haven’t married Michael Owen or won an Oscar just yet either, so there’s still time….



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