What I Wish I Was Wearing to My Xmas Party…

I have not one, but two Christmas parties coming up this week. In years past this would automatically have legitimised a major shopping expedition and bank account obliteration, but in my constant battle to be a better version of myself (I’m really trying, honest!) I promised myself I would not buy yet more dresses when I have plenty of gorgeous ones hanging in the spare room, some of which haven’t even been worn yet. That doesn’t stop me from looking though…..!

Here are some of the party frocks that may well have ended up in my basket had I not had this much will power (don’t worry, I stayed away from Lindy Bop this time, because… well because I have stuff to do today basically. Too many dresses, too little time!)

First up, this little number from Warehouse. When I say little I mean little – this looks far shorter than I would normally go, but it’s gold, and it’s Christmas, so who cares?? And look at that bow. Makes you look like a perfectly wrapped Christmas gift!

Warehouse 3
Warehouse Jacquard Prom Dress, £75

Next, still at Warehouse, and what Christmas shin-dig would be complete without a generous sprinkling of sequins? This isn’t a new or exciting style by any means and can border on cheap looking, but a sequin sheath dress is a firm staple of the party season and this one, also available in black, is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen this year. My only concern is this: I plan on eating and drinking a hell of a lot – will my tummy still fit into it by the end of the night?  I think not…

Warehouse ‘Tinselsequin’ Dress, £55

Moving on then to a frock more appropriate for occasions involving over consumption – more gold and more sparkle from one of my favourite labels, Chi Chi. Look. At. This. Dress. I can literally picture it on the fairy on the top of the tree – and no, I’m not ashamed that I take style inspo from a fairy. Fairies know what they are doing when it comes to frocks.

Chi Chi
Chi Chi Metallic Lace Midi, £75

Another Chi Chi dress caught my eye (okay, lots of Chi Chi dresses caught my eye, but as I said, I have things to do today!) this time a strapless number. I’m not usually a fan of bandeau dresses, but the stunning metallic brocade fabric of this one really make it stand out. Also, check out the clever cape style top, perfect for disguising a turkey dinner induced bulge! Cunning! Also it’s currently on sale at ASOS! Grab it quick!! (seriously, because I WILL fight you for it. I’m not joking.)

Chi Chi 2
Chi Chi Brocade Midi, now £45.50

No sequins or sparkle this time, but I always associate the colour red with Christmas so I still think this rather gorgeous lace midi is pretty festive. You may be surprised to know that while I spotted in on ASOS.com, it is actually by Boohoo, and a snip at £25! I’ve had the odd cheap and cheerful purchase from Boohoo, but mostly I expect to see the kind of dress that is slashed to my navel or won’t cover my ever expanding buttocks, so this was a pleasant surprise!

Boohoo Lace Midi, £25

Speaking of which, so was this! Another Boohoo frock, another super affordable price, another jaw dropping surprise! This ‘Lola’ dress is just gorgeous! Black is not exactly the most Christmassy colour, but the cute polka dot organza overlay makes it really fun. It’s the perfect party outfit, and there are plenty of glittery shoes out there at the moment to add a bit of Xmas glitz. It’s also available in white, though I personally couldn’t trust myself not to spill mulled wine down it, so I’ll leave that one for you!

Boohoo ‘Lola’ Organza Dress, £35

Hmmmm. Really wasn’t expecting to find a frock I loved this much for just £30. Really want Lola to be my plus one…. Will power…. wavering….

Wish me luck!



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