Outfit: Wrapping Up

Welcome to the first of this week’s ‘I still haven’t unpacked properly so I’m going to have to distract everyone with an outfit I wore weeks ago’ posts! In my defense, this isn’t an outfit as such, just a chance to show off my new (erm, well, it was new when I took the photos…) coat.

If I was really a fashion blogger I would never have bought this coat. This year was all about the Boyfriend coat, dontcha know. Actually the last couple of years seem to have been about the Boyfriend coat, and this just doesn’t work for me. They look great in the pictures, they look great on the girls at work, they look great on the girls in the street, but they look downright awful on me. The worst part is, even to this day I still think I’m a lanky 22 year old, straight up and down and the perfect clothes horse, so my inner me thinks I’d look awesome in a Boyfriend coat. I do not. I don’t look like a cute little trendster who has stayed over at her Boyfriend’s house after a big night out and draped his coat over her shoulders for warmth while they pop out for casual brunch in Shoreditch. I just look like I’m wearing a coat that doesn’t fit me properly. That I forgot to do up even though it’s blowing a gale. Not a good look. I guess I’m just not cool enough to pull off androgynous. It’s been a good few years since I invested in a good coat though, and when I landed myself a little pay rise I was determined to find one that didn’t make me look like a slob. So I was chuffed to bits when I found that Oasis had kindly brought out some coats for people with waists this Winter.

There was actually almost another reason why I didn’t buy this coat, and it’s far more stupid than not being blogworthy. It’s called ‘Amy’, you see. I first spied it in the store, tried it on and fell deeply in love with it, thinking it was a done deal. Then after a few weeks of daring myself to buy it, telling myself it was too frivolous a purchase and then trying it on again (because who wants to be so pedestrian as to just buy the coat? Much better to inject some drama into the occasion by risking it selling out and hating yourself forevermore for not just buying it straight away!) House of Fraser finally ran a Brand Event with a tasty discount and I beat my conscience into submission and decided to buy it online. That was the crushing moment I found out it’s name, and the indecision began all over again. Amy, you see, is the name of a girl I was once dumped for a million years ago by a boy I haven’t thought about in an age and a half, so naturally, I couldn’t possibly buy it. That’s not weird at all, right? It was some sort of strange serendipity that they also stocked a coat called ‘Stephanie’. “Perfect!” I thought, “I’ll just get that one! Stephanie is way better!” and felt very smug for all of 5 minutes, because I was still getting a new coat, and this way I could be all “F*** you Amy! It’s all about Stephanie! I never really liked you anyway!” Except Stephanie wasn’t way better. Stephanie was just, well she was just ok, and as much as I really, really didn’t want to admit it, I really did want Amy after all.

I kinda love Amy now though. Ollie doesn’t, he thinks she looks like a dressing gown, but I’m like, “Don’t listen to him, Amy. He doesn’t know anything. You’re perfect just the way you are.” And just like that, me and Amy are now besties.

On a side note, these pictures were taken just before Christmas, when the German Market was in town. It feels like another lifetime ago now so much has changed. Isn’t it funny how the run up to Christmas feels about 6 months long and then just like that it’s all over? Every year I tell myself I’ll make more of an effort to spend some time at the market, and then every year I do the obligatory opening night and a lunchtime trip with my Dad and that’s it, without fail. This was that exact day! I’m going to leave it there now before I get all nostalgic about Christmas….

Big WheelCoatCrepesMarket 2Market 3Market

Stay warm folks!



*NB – I’ve just gone back and looked at Stephanie again. She’s on sale. I kinda want her too now….

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