Reasons To Be Cheerful – Settling In

Christmas Bons

Arrroooooo Readers!

It’s been a while since I wrote you a post, but Mummy has been bleating on and on about how tough it’s been moving house and wrapping presents and basically IGNORING me, and BLAH BLAH BLAH, how BORING! So I thought I’d write one, because, hello? We all know what you really want to know is what have I been up to?

Well, times have been tough for me you know. Life isn’t easy as a Beagle. Firstly, there has been this thing going on called Christmas. Christmas sucks. Mummy and Daddy basically spend all their time out of the house, and when they are there they are busy playing games with bright coloured paper and ribbons. They know how much I love shredding paper and chasing ribbons, but they never let me join in, which is just really mean, don’t you think? Then we have to go visit people when I’m trying to have snooze time, and there are small people everywhere (Mummy calls them ‘children’, but I know they are really the spawn of the devil). There is also always delicious smelling food around, but none of it is for me! I thought you were supposed to share? Last year they forgot I was here and put it up on the table where I could reach it, stoopid hoomans, so I had to jump up and help myself. This year I wasn’t even allowed near the table for some reason…. I did get some squeaky bones as presents though, which was ok I guess, but don’t worry, I killed them already.

Then straight after Christmas Mummy and Daddy put all our stuff in boxes, and said we weren’t going to live in our house anymore. I mean, without even consulting me first, how rude is that?? It was kinda fun having LOADS of space to run around in, but I was on my own loads and it was SUPER boring. The good news is though that I live with Nana and Grandad now so all is good again! I’ve got new snuggly blankets and my bed is right by the window so I can keep an eye on those pesky squirrels – you HAVE to keep an eye on the squirrels, they are sneaky buggers you know. I never get left on my own anymore so there is always someone to play with, and Daddy still comes everyday to take me for my big walkies in the park. Me and Mummy have a new walkies place down this thing called a canal, which is where Mummy used to hang out when she was young, apparently, ’cause she thought she was cool. There are loads of new smells to sniff and dogs to meet, so I’m a very busy pup these days. I get to eat more of all that yummy hooman food now too, Grandad gave me beef the other day, though he said I’m not meant to tell Mummy so shhhh! It’s a secret!

The best bit of all though is that I get to sleep in Mummy’s bed with her EVERY night! She keeps saying I’m going to sleep in my own bed tonight – Ha! She’s hysterical. That lady cracks me up sometimes, crazy Mummy.

Anyway, I’ve got to dash, I’ve got a big soggy bit of rawhide I need to hide and it’s not gonna bury itself in the sofa cushions is it now?! See you soon!

canal 1canal 2canal 3ducks 1sleepy bonnie

Licks and Sniffs,



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