Outfit: More of the New Obsession

Told you. No sooner had I clicked ‘publish’ on my Winter Florals post, the obsession took hold, and now I find myself wanting to wear nothing other than an A-Line mini skirt. Seriously. I’ve actually spent a good idle hour pondering just how many I’d need, and in what colours, to be able to wear one every day. My savings account is quaking in it’s boots right now, as is my tiny clothes rail…..

This one is a great example of how to get more wear out of your summer wardrobe – you last saw it here in a rare legs out moment, and I really wouldn’t have imagined I’d still be wearing it in the depths of winter, yet thanks to the addition of these LK Bennett over the knee boots and a long sleeved top, here it is again in all it’s bright, gaudy glory. The boots in question were one of my most prized eBay bargain, bought for a mere £50 and never worn. They are made from butter-soft leather (so soft in fact that I have to pad out my skinny ankles with thick socks to stop them slouching a little too much) and they are now in constant rotation. My only gripe with them is the ‘wings’ at the back, which have a tendency to fold over and flap a little, but I think that has more to do with my odd shaped legs than anything else.


These photos were taken at one of the few perks of my job, one of our bar openings. Now, technically January hadn’t finished so I shouldn’t have been drinking (yes, I was still flogging that dead, dead horse at this stage. I don’t know why since I’d already fallen off the wagon, but I kept up that not drinking pretence for a good week or so until this happened….) but these cocktails were FREE. Free alcohol doesn’t count. You’d be stupid not to accept free alcohol. Erm, most free alcohol anyway, provided it comes from a reliable source. It probably wouldn’t be stupid to say no to free alcohol from a strange man you met in the park, for example. Probably best to give that a miss…. Anyway, opportunities like this don’t come up all that often so I took the chance to fill my boots (he he, geddit? Fill my boots. ‘Cause I’ve been talking about my boots… Oh never mind).

It’s February now anyway, so NO-ONE CARES! I can drink to my hearts content again without the fear that someone will scold me for not sticking to my own daft self-imposed rules! Know what though? It’s actually not as appealing as it was now. Go figure…



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