Outfit: Winter Florals

Who says florals are just for Spring? When you find a print this pretty it seem a shame to pack it away for half of the year, so I say DON’T! Pair them with a cosy knit and ankle boots and voila! You get to wear them all year round! Just as well, because Oasis, where I picked up this gorgeous A-line mini skirt, is fantastic at floral prints, but not exactly what you’d call cheap and cheerful, so it’s important to get your money’s worth! It’s easy to start to feel a little drab and dreary during the darker months, so it’s always nice to add a little colour to your outfits and brighten things up.

In fairness, I haven’t yet decided if I have the courage to wear it bare legged so it’s just as well it has become a Winter favourite. I’m not the biggest fan of my legs, so this one may be destined only ever to be worn with tights. I am a fan, however, of the mini skirt, or I’ve become one in recent weeks anyway. The 60’s & 70’s revival seems to have put the A-line mini right back on the map and I’ve acquired a couple of them lately. I’m really pleased with the look in these photos too, so I suspect a new obsession coming on – I have a habit of doing this, finding a new style staple, falling head over heels for it, then trying to find every incarnation of it known to man so I can wear it EVERY DAY! This is how I suddenly found myself the owner of 14 full midi skirts. And remember that month I couldn’t stop buying printed trousers? And lets not even start on the Audreys!

Winter Florals 2Winter Florals 1Winter Florals 3Red BootsWinter Florals 4Winter Florals 5

These photos were taken on a trip to the pub for an after work wind down, and I’d gone back to pretending I was doing dry January. You know what I kept thinking though as I solemnly sipped on that rhubarb and apple presse again? I thought, this would be really nice with gin in it. I’m beyond saving….



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