Psssst….! Sale Tips – Emily & Fin Flash Sale

Is there anything get your heart a-flutter more than the phrase ‘Flash Sale’? Well, if you’re a well adjusted, sensible person the answer to that is probably, “Why yes! Lots of things!” I myself, however, am a weak-willed frock addict, so those two little words have the power to get my heart rate up far more than they should. This is actually a good thing though, when you think about it. I mean, apparently any activity that gets your heart beating faster and makes you breathless is good for you – I should be aiming for 75 minutes per week! 75 minutes of sale shopping a week. That certainly beats running hands down, though admittedly running is a lot cheaper….

Anyway, now that I’ve demonstrated how inappropriately excited I get at the mere mention of a discount, I’m sure you can appreciate my glee when out of the hundreds of spam emails I receive (I sign up to a hell of a lot of newsletters. It’s a sickness really) I spotted one from one of my favourite Vintage inspired retailers – Aspire Style – entitled ***FLASH SALE!***. Often such emails are a bit of a let down, seductively inviting you in with ‘Fantastic offer waiting inside!’ and instantly disappointing you with 5% off if you spend £80 or something similarly meager. This one though, lived up to it’s promise, instead informing me that until Sunday selected Emily & Fin frocks had up to 75% off!

Emily and Fin is a brand I’m rather fond of, specialising in girly, retro style shapes with quirky, whimsical prints. I don’t yet own any of their dresses (I said yet!) but with an offer like this it’s very tough to resist adding one to the collection. These ones in particularly are strongly testing my will-power….


You can find these gorgeous offerings and more here, but get over there quick! There are limited sizes left, and the sale ends tomorrow. Plus, I plan of getting there forst and buying them all before you. Not joking.

Happy shopping!



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