Reasons to be Cheerful – Gin O’Clock


There are some perks to moving back in with your parents, access to their Netflix account aside. I have far more money for dresses and shoes these days (not that I’m buying them, honest…). It’s nice not having to worry about the bills or the blocked guttering or that the boiler has been making funny noises. I get pretty well fed too, it has to be said, and there is always milk for my Saturday morning coffee! My favourite perk though is a little ritual me and my Dad have. On a lazy evening when the sun is going down, my Dad will turn to me and say, ‘Is it Gin O’Clock yet?’

I know, stupid question – of course it is Dad, there is no alternative answer to that question. Still, it’s a nice tradition. Sometimes we sip them while settling in to watch a movie, sometimes we pour one while cooking dinner or while Dad teaches me a new dish. We’ve used it many a time as an excuse to sample a new or interesting new Gin (Gordon’s Cucumber currently, if you’re interested). Sometimes it isn’t even Gin actually, sometimes it’s a spiced Rum and Coke, or an Aperol Spritz, either way, it’s a little moment we share, just us two. I think the reason I cherish it so much, apart from it being quality time with my Dad of course, is that it isn’t something I’ve ever been able to do when I had my own home. It’s a little moment, and something I care about, that I haven’t been able to share with another person. I do hope that might change and I get to carry that tradition on with someone else, someone I can have Gin O’Clock with in my dream house while we cook dinner, maybe while the kids do their homework or play with the dog. Someone that will share Gin O’Clock with me and my Dad – though we might still keep the really good stuff just for ourselves….

Here’s Hoping!





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