Outfit: Lindy Bop Tara

The big skirts are back, people!

Lindy Bop LaraLindy Bop Lara 3Lindy Bop Lara 2Lindy Bop Lara 4

I had a little trip away last week and decided it was the perfect excuse to test out one of my newest Lindy Bop purchases, the Tara dress. I’ve been wanting to try something other than my beloved Audrey, but it’s just so damn hard since they keep bringing new versions out every 5 minutes! So when I spotted Tara in the sale though I took my chance and snapped up one of the last ones before I could get distracted by the ‘New In’ section…

I’m sure you are about to tell me that Tara looks remarkably similar to Audrey. Well, yeah, you’ve got a point there. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. She does have that same full skirt and that same heavy fabric. But she does have some subtle differences. You can’t see here, but Tara has little capped sleeves, for a start. She also has a cute sweetheart neckline and, best of all, comes with an adorable bow belt, which I’m not actually wearing here as it’s a little long for me and needs altering. But still, this pleased me – I do like an unexpected bonus!

There are some differences that aren’t as positive, unfortunately. It was slightly tight across the shoulders, so those sleeves have a tendency to bunch a little. The waist of this dress also sits very high, almost like an empire line, which is why I’ve layered a cardi over the top (which I was actually very grateful for since the sky decided to empty a bucket of hail on us not long before these pics were taken!). It’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a wide belt, and I love the print, so I’ll be keeping Tara, but probably won’t purchase another. My heart still lies with you Audrey!

Given the freak weather conditions (which also explains my crazy hair and odd facial expressions…) the obvious choice of footwear was my trusty Dune Stretchy boots, which are ideal for pairing with midi length skirts. I’ve gotten a lot more  wear out of them this Winter than last year, and I have to say, even though I’m excited about impending Spring, I’m actually feeling a little sad that it will be time to pack them away soon!

And that’s a cue to start getting out more if ever I heard one….



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