Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Pheobie Skirt

Ted Baker has only gone and blinking done it again. Just when you thought it was safe to go back online they’ve gone and brought out yet another range of gorgeous, girly pieces that are all way to expensive to find themselves hanging on my poxy little clothes rail. Gee, thanks Ted!

It’s kind of hard to pick a favourite, so I suspect you’ll be seeing rather a lot of Ted Baker over the next few weeks – I mean, for starters they’ve brought out the Nuhad dress again in Cobalt and Baby Blue. I had enough trouble picking between red, green and pink for God’s sake, what am I meant to do now?? The one other piece that has really stood out for me though is this adorable little Phoebie skirt:

Pheobie Skirt
Ted Baker ‘Phoebie’ Skirt, £99

I don’t think I need to explain why I like it so much – erm, not just one bow, but two!! I feel like Phoebie is probably Nuhad’s cute little cousin somehow. Maybe it’s that sugary pink colour? Cutesy pink isn’t for everyone though – if that’s all a bit too princessy for you, fear not, because you can also get your sticky mitts on Phoebie’s grown up sister, Timana!

Timana Skirt
Ted Baker Timana Skirt, £119

It would be rude not to have both really. FOUR BOWS, PEOPLE! FOUR BOWS!

That is all.




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