Unlikely Lust Haves – Next

Next isn’t a store I shop in very often. I don’t have a particular problem with the store, it’s just that when I’m on the hunt for something new it doesn’t cross my mind to look there. I’ve always had an image of it as, well, a bit blah. But when you’re on a long car journey and you have a desperate need for coffee, and the next coffee shop you spot happens to be in a Next on a retail park, you might as well have a little peek, right?

And actually, I was pleasantly surprised! I had an expectation that it would all be a bit bland and maybe a little mumsy, but there were a couple of pieces that I’d happily add to my wish list. Starting with this frock:

Ladybird Dress
Ladybird Dress, £50

We all know how much I love to rock a tea dress with boots during the colder months! This isn’t technically a tea dress, but it fits the same girly-but-casual occasion, and I’m in love with that sweet little Ladybug print. I’ve got florals, polka dots, birds, even butterflies, but definitely no Ladybugs yet, and I think they’d make an excellent addition….!

Speaking of adding to an already huge collection, I’m rather fond of these dusky pink cropped trousers:

Pink Trousers
Pink Cropped Trousers, £38

I’ve never worn a huge amount of pink in the past, but when I do, this would definitely be my favoured shade. I have a chronic case of nobbly knees, which can often mean my trousers go baggy in that area, but these look like they’d hold up pretty well and could be the perfect thing to wear to work on warm days. I do have a pair of pink skinnies though, and whenever I wear them I get paranoid that someone will mistake the nude tone for bare flesh and think I’ve forgotten to get dressed…. so that’s a light concern…..! That aside though, they’re lovely, and if you’re anything like me you also won’t have failed to notice the shoes the model is wearing….

Rose Gold Flats
Slingback Points, £28

These rose gold flats are so nearly in my basket right now! Apart from the fact they go perfectly with those pink trousers, this colour can act as a really good neutral, but makes an outfit a little more interesting than if you’d just opted for nude or black. There is but one thing that keeps me from buying these oh-so-nearly perfect shoes, and that is the slingback. I don’t get on well with slingbacks. I swear I have oddly shaped feet and the straps slip off my foot almost without fail. Still, doesn’t stop me lusting after them, and I may well just risk it for these.

Finally, I’m rather enamoured with this cute but basic swing vest:

Navy Vest
Swing Vest, £10

These days I’m a little conscious of the old tum, so when wearing jeans I like to pair them with something light and floaty like this. It looks to me like the kind of top I’d rush out and buy in every colour, and at just £10 each, why not?! Other than the navy seen here, it’s also available in black, white and rust. Here’s hoping they bring it out in a few more variations!

So, I’m not likely to start visiting the store weekly or anything – for a start there is not much puffiness or twirliness going on in their skirt collection – but I definitely won’t overlook Next next time I’m having a browse!




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