I Believe in Magic

Harry Potter

I was late to the Harry Potter party. Being an avid reader I’m normally the first to jump on a cult classic, but somehow that didn’t happen with the Harry Potter books. Everyone I knew was raving about them, but they were just one of those things I thought I’d get around to sooner or later. And I did – eventually my sister handed me the first book, but before I was even halfway through the first movie came out and, well, call it laziness, but the movies took centre stage rather than the books.

The movies had me hooked though. I know some people probably think of them as a little childish, but I found them magical. They reminded me of the films I enjoyed watching as a kid, and to be honest, they just don’t make movies like that very often anymore, so they tapped right into my inner child and I loved it. I genuinely felt sad when I watched the final installment, feeling it would leave a big hole. So when I found up they were opening up the studio and set to visitors I was extremely excited and knew I wanted to make the trip myself.

Again, though, it just didn’t happen. Everyone I suggested it to looked at me like I was slightly unhinged, because that was quite clearly an activity meant for a child, and for a while I gave up on going. But then I opened part two of what was the best birthday present ever and found an invite to The Making of Harry Potter! You can imagine the squeal I let out, can’t you! Finally someone was willing to indulge my childish fantasies and take me!

I’m not going to share too many photos as I don’t want to spoil the magic for those who are planning a trip, but if you get a chance – GO. It was awesome. Don’t be worried that it’s too childish or immature, what’s wrong with an adult wanting a small part of them to still believe in magic, I ask you? And it really is magic. I turned every corner with wide-eyed wonder at seeing the sets and the costumes and some of the secrets behind the special effects. I even tried Butterbeer – though you can see from the pics my reaction was mixed!

Below are some of the highlights, but if you’re a real fan, you really should check it out in real life…





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