March Lust Haves

Every month I write my little wish list post and I think to myself that surely at some point I’m going to run out of things to write about, because surely there are only so many dresses you can lust over, right? Wrong. Once again the end of the month is nigh, payday is just around the corner, and as if by magic the post writes itself, because I’ve suddenly realised that despite there being no room left in my wardrobe, there are STILL things I simply can’t live without. Go figure.

You can tell the weather has been warming up because my wish list is heavily shoe orientated this month, starting with these:

Zara Gold Flats
Zara Gold Flats, £19.99

I spotted these last week in Zara while making my suitcase severely overweight for the trip home from Barcelona. Gold sandals are a Summer must have for me, as I’ve mentioned before, gold is the perfect neutral when you’re wearing bright colours or pastels. I actually already have a pair, but they’re slingbacks, and I seem to have a bit of an uneasy relationship with slingbacks. Either they’re too tight and pinch unbearably, or they’re too loose and slide off the back of my foot every two minutes. The ones I own fall into both camps – one too tight and one too loose – so I’ve been on the look out for a new pair, and if I’d only known I’d actually be getting the train home instead of the plane, these would have been making the journey with me!

Next up, these rather lovely nude flats by Glamourous:

Glamourous Flats
Glamourous Flats, ASOS, £18

Again, these are a replacement for a pair I already own. Well, ish. A couple of years ago I managed to score an absolute bargain in a pair of Steve Madden flats for just £5 from a local outlet store. Oh how I loved those shoes. I basically wore them everywhere. Until, that is, they were the unfortunate victims of an encounter of the furry kind… Yes, my beloved Beagle thought they looked remarkably like rawhide and went to town on them. I still couldn’t bring myself to let them go, despite the teeth marks. I only ever wore them to walk to beast or pop to the shops, to be fair, but still. I only actually threw them away when we moved out at Christmas. Needless to say I’ve been searching for a worthy replacement ever since, and these might, just might, even be a teeny bit better. Basically because they have a bow on them, but I don’t think I needed to explain that did I…

Finally on the shoe front:

Dorothy Perkins Wedges
Dorothy Perkins Wedges, £35

This time, rather than a replacement, these are to fill a gap I’ve had for quite some time. For the last few Summers I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of strappy, tan wedges, but so far they’ve alluded me. See, they again fit my idea of the perfect summer neutral, so I want a pair I can wear for all occasions, but finding that perfect pair has proved difficult. I must have looked at 1000 pairs, but they’re never quite right. Everything I’ve found so far seems to fall too far to one side of a scale that goes from orthopaedic to stripper and I’ve never found the happy medium, but think these come kind of close. The jury is still out though, so PLEASE let me know if you find the perfect pair!

Sticking to the accessories theme, but moving dramatically from practical to completely frivolous, and this adorable bag:

Strawberry Bamboo Bag
Strawberry Bamboo Bag, Collectif, £39.50


This quirky little thing is a bit of a cult classic from Collectif and it’s back by popular demand this Summer. I don’t normally go in for novelty handbags, but I just can’t seem to resist this one. Sadly, it seems I’m not the only one as stocks were already dwindling as I wrote this post so I fear it will sell out before I hit payday. Fingers crossed this won’t be the last time they release this cutie!

Finally, who doesn’t have time for a green dress with a bow?

Green Choies Dress
Green Bow Dress, Choies, £18.88

This little number is from and admittedly does not replace a well loved classic or fill a gaping hole in my collection. I just old fashioned want it! I can’t help but picture this on Dita Von Teese, which is laughable because I will NEVER look like her, so I’m not sure why I think we should be dress buddies. Either way, it’s love. It’s hard to say whether or not it will look as good in real life – Choies purchases are always a bit of a gamble coming from so far away, but for that price I think it’s worth taking a risk!

That’s it for now – what made your wish list this month?



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