April Lust Haves

Um, I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but did anyone else notice April is nearly over? Like, what is that about? We’re almost on month number 5 of 2016 already, how did that happen? I guess I didn’t notice Summer was almost here, what with all the snow and hail and stuff. Oh well, since life is whizzing past at such a frightening speed and I’ll probably be an old lady next time I stop to look at the date, I figure there is no point wasting time lusting over sensible purchases. So this months wish list is full of completely and totally frivolous things. Things I in no way need. Things I will struggle to justify at all, to be fair. But things that none-the-less I feel compelled to own as soon as possible….

First up, this skirt:

Chicwish Skirt 1
Chicwish Candy Pink Striped Skirt, £30.12

My sister bought me this in green for my Birthday, and though I haven’t officially worn it yet (and by officially, I mean outside. I’ve worn it to twirl and flounce around the house in. Loads of time, obvs) I’m head over heels in love with it. Similar to my black and white stripe skirt, also from Chicwish, it has all the big-skirted pouffiness (that is a word. Honest) a girl could possibly need, plus it’s made from a satin-like fabric which gives it a somewhat dressy feel. Now they have brought it out in pink, and I want want want. I would never have had myself down as a ‘pink’ kind of girl, especially a cutesy bubblegum pink like this, but hell, it’s Spring, the blossoms are out and I want to dress like an ice-cream. So sue me!

Then there is this:


Chicwish Skirt 2
Chicwish Marine Striped Skirt, £30.12

So yeah. It also comes in blue. Which I need because – nautical, obviously.

So, you know how I was saying I wasn’t into cutesy bubblegum pink? Well I guess I actually am after all, because look at this:


Gingham Set
Chicwish Crop Top & Skirt, £42.19

Yeah. Baby pink gingham. With a crop top. A CROP TOP! Does that sound like Steph? Hell no. And yet I want it. I can’t stop thinking about it, actually. I must ‘visit’ it at least once per day. It might be because pretty much every fashion blogger in the world owns it and looks awesome in it and every time I see their pics I think ‘Hey, I could totally buy that and frolic around in a corn field as the sun is going down and look that awesome too.’ And then I realise I’m me.

I still want it though, just in case.

Anyway, on the theme of blog-popular dresses, I also want this one:

Oasis Dress
Oasis V&A Bardot Dress, £58

Yes, thats right, the dress that has been in every magazine and been photographed on at least three celebs already, meaning the chances of me actually getting it before it sells out are slim to none. I’m not entirely sure I can pull this one off, but that doesn’t stop the lusting, oh no. I LOVE the folksy print, the bardot neckline, the sleek pencil shape and midi length – everything about it actually. I’ve been a fan of Oasis’ V&A range since it first launched and must say, this years offerings are pretty spesh.

Finally, another Oasis dress:

Bonnie Dress
Oasis ‘Bonnie’ Dress, £55

Hang on, is that pink again? Erm yes. It appears I’m a convert. In other news, it’s called Bonnie. So of course, it must be mine. It also comes in Navy. Want that one too. But I want the pink one more, so I’m going to end this list now before I start wearing pigtails and buy a Chihuahua or something….

Anything special caught your eye this month?



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