Outfit: Tough Florals

We all know how much I love 50’s style frocks, right? Then during the Winter I seemed to suddenly switch decades to the 60’s and started sporting mini skirts near enough every other day. Well, for todays post I’ve changed it up yet again and gone all 80’s on you. What can I say, I’m fickle.

I didn’t set out intending to channel Madonna in ‘Who’s That Girl’, it just happened. It was Easter Sunday and the sun was shining, and since we had a dinner cooking and the family coming over, it felt like an occasion and I wanted to don a dress. Only problem was, while it might have been sunny, it was bloody freezing thanks to the onset of Storm Katie, so on went the thick black tights and leather jacket. Since we planned on taking the pooch out for a long walk to tire her out, in the hopes she wouldn’t drive us nuts trying to swipe the lamb off the table, I wanted to wear flats, and absentmindedly reached for these battered old ankle boots that I haven’t worn in yonks. So it was pretty much a complete accident, but I actually kinda like the look. As I said in yesterday’s post, I don’t consider myself to be a cutesy kind of girl (despite my love of twirly skirts) and florals can be a little on the chintzy side, but the addition of leather and some studs really helps to give the look a little ‘biker’ edge and I quite like it. I couldn’t say I’m edgy either, of course, but still.

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This dress is about a trillion years old and was one of my first ever purchases from my now beloved ASOS. I think I got it for the tiny price of £15, and wasn’t sure at first as I was new to the whole Internet shopping thing, and was convinced a £15 frock couldn’t be anything but rubbish (this was in the pre-Primark days you understand. Oh how my attitude to spending has changed since then!). As it turned out, I couldn’t have been more wrong – the wrap style is super flattering, it has a lovely lined, full skirt with a slightly dipped hem and the print was far nicer in real life, despite me having reservations about orange and purple going together. It’s been a favourite ever since and has been in constant rotation despite it’s age – it’s held up extremely well too! Just goes to show that when you find a style that suits you, seasons and what’s ‘in fashion’ really don’t matter.

So, my foray into the 80’s may have been an accident, but I might just give it another try some time soon, I quite liked being Madonna rather than Sandra Dee for a day!



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