Reasons to be Cheerful – Bank Holiday From My Bed

Bank Holiday 3

A couple of years ago, if I’d woken up early on a day I didn’t need to go to work, I’d have been seriously annoyed. I’ve always been a huge fan of sleep. I’d love to say it stems from my years working in pubs with all the late nights and long hours, but the truth is, I’ve never been a fan of getting up in the mornings. So when my days behind the bar came to an end and I fell into the hum drum of the 9-5 world, my weekends and days off often included sleeping in as long as possible.

These days those early starts are so ingrained in me that I can’t help but wake up at the crack of dawn, but rather than be annoyed at the wasted couple of hours of extra sleep, I quite like it. This morning was a classic example. I awoke at around 6am, full of dread about the work day ahead, but only for a couple of seconds before reality set in and I was hit with the delicious realisation that it was a Bank Holiday, and even though I’d likely be logging into the laptop to catch up on some work, I didn’t have to be anywhere. So I snoozed for a bit and relished that lovely feeling of being all snuggled up in the warm with nowhere to go and no-one to see. My favourite part comes next though – I got up! I cracked the window open so I could feel the breeze and hear the birds singing. I headed downstairs and grabbed a coffee, a healthy breakfast and, most importantly, the pup, and….. headed straight back to bed!

Yep, nothing feels more indulgent than lazing in bed, cuddling the pooch and watching the news, knowing I could spend the rest of the day doing just this if I wanted. I won’t spend the entire day in bed (probably – though I am still here 4 hours later as I write this…) but that first few hours of the day, when everything is calm and peaceful and most people are still sleeping – the older I get, the more they’ve become my favourite part of the day. I feel almost like I’ve cheated Mother Nature out of an extra couple of hours in the day. The fact I’ve chosen to wisely use those extra hours to do pretty much nothing is beside the point of course. I won those hours fair and square and I’ll use them as I see fit!

Bank Holiday 1Bank Holiday 2

Hope your Bank Holiday is treating you well so far!



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