Pssst…! Sale Tips! Hobbs @ Brandalley

Hobbs isn’t a Brand I think of very often when browsing. Not because it isn’t worthy, you understand. Hell, if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton it’s good enough for me! No, Hobbs churn out oodles of blog worthy frocks year after year and it’s always nice to see a British High Street brand sported by celebs and the Royal Family alike. This year in particular I’ve had my head turned by the pretty pastels and florals they have on offer a few times, but there is just something about the store that feels a little ‘out of my league’. It’s not just the price tag – which isn’t sell-your-worldly-possessions expensive, but still too pricey for me to justify on a normal day unless it’s for an occasion – it has an air about it which makes me feel like only ‘grown ups’ can shop there, and we all know I just can’t class myself as a grown up yet. Still, if they were maybe slightly more affordable I feel like I’d get over that and fill my tiny clothes rail to bursting with their lady-like styles.

So, nice of Brandalley, then, to hold a sale this weekend! Just over 100 gorgeous pieces are on offer with a generous discount, making them almost cheap enough to tempt me into submission. Almost. I’m resisting so far, though the Wessex dress, favourite of Duchess Kate herself, is making me feel particularly weak….

Here’s what else is making my savings account feel nervous…..

As with all Brandalley sales, sizes and items are limited and sell out fast, so head on over there now if you want to bag a bargain!



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