Outfit: Black and Tan

Black and Tan 1

I know I said yesterday that when it came to my tights-with-coloured-shoes aversion, boots didn’t count, but that was a bit of a porkie pie. I’m still not 100% comfortable wearing tan boots with black tights if I’m honest. Again, on everybody else in the world, I think it looks absolutely fine. Really great, actually, in some cases. But then I stick them on, look in the mirror and it just looks all wrong. Thing is though, I love tan boots so much that I have simply learned to live with the affliction. I’ve basically taught myself the accept the combo even though something deep inside me is screaming the opposite. A bit like how you teach yourself to be in charge at work when you’d much rather sit quietly in the corner, or not to punch people who chew loudly on the bus. This particular dress helps me out with that though, as the fact that it has tan in the print that almost exactly matches the boots makes me feel a teeny bit better about the whole thing somehow. Good job really, because I would get extremely bored if I could only wear black boots all winter long….

I wore this outfit a couple of weekends ago on my trip down South to my Brother’s. After spending the morning Pingu and silently lamenting the fact that my small Nieces have a far more impressive entertainment set up than I do, and know how to use it unaided (which I couldn’t!) we decided to head to the local pub for lunch. It was a fair walk not that that hindered the girls, who whizzed there and back on their scooters. Many would get anxious at the idea of taking a 7 year old and a 3 year old out for lunch, but I have to say, unexpected sarcasm and pointing out my ‘big fat belly’ aside, my nieces are pretty adorable when out and about. So much so that they insisted on delivering the tip to our waitress, much to her delight. I also think, and I’ve only just noticed when editing the photos, that in that last one Keira is actually picking up a cigarette butt and depositing it in the ash bin! I sincerely hope that is what is happening anyway, otherwise she might not be allowed out with us again… When we got back the girls decided it seemed like a perfect day to get into their swimming cossies and play with the sprinklers on the lawn, which was kind of amusing. I mean, it was sunny, but it wasn’t particularly warm or anything. Which is totally different to when I rush to find my shades and head straight to a beer garden the second we reach double figure temperatures, isn’t it…?

On that note, I’m off to plan my outfit for the morning, because never mind double figures, there is a vicious rumour abound that we might hit the 20’s! Actual Summer-like weather! I can smell the BBQ’s already….

Black and Tan 4Black and Tan 3Black and Tan 5Black and Tan 2Black and Tan 6Black and Tan 7Black and Tan 8





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