Saturday Shopping – Girly Gingham

Ever since I wrote my April Lust Haves list I’ve been obsessing over gingham. It’s that cute little pink twin set’s fault. It keeps making me want it and I’m not sure I can hold out much longer. Worse though, it’s making me not only want it, but everything else gingham. It’s not even like I need any gingham – I have two lovely gingham dresses and an equally lovely gingham skirt. But ever since I spied those pretty pastel squares I’ve become painfully aware that I don’t have any blue gingham. Or yellow. Or gingham shoes. I was coping just fine, just me and my two gingham dresses and a gingham skirt until now. Thanks for that, Chicwish.

I’m not sure what it is about gingham that has me so besotted either. I shouldn’t like it really, as my Summer school uniform used to be gingham, so you’d think it would have anything but positive connotations. Perhaps that’s it – it makes me think of the Summer, for starters, which always seemed to be filled with endless sunny days back then (question: was the weather actually better or did we just blot out the rainy days?). And I guess there are worse things to be reminded of than being young, innocent and full of the joys of Spring. Maybe it’s that nostalgic feeling that makes me love it so much. Or maybe it’s just that the shops are chock full with gorgeous treats like these right now….:

Red Gingham Skirt, Chicwish, £30.12Blue Gingham Pencil Dress, Collectif, £50 –  Pink Gingham Shoes, ASOS, £25Black Gingham Midi Dress, ASOS, £20 – Navy Gingham Trousers, Boden, £53.40 – Green Gingham Dress, Lindy Bop, £30Green Gingham Skirt, Boden, £59.50 – Red Gingham Shoes, Collectif, £45 –  Mint Gingham Dress, Collectif, £42.50Pink Gingham Top, Collectif, £25Blue Gingham Trousers, Collectif, £42.50Yellow Gingham Dress, Lindy Bop, £35Pale Blue Gingham Dress, Lindy Bop, £34.99 Pink Gingham Skirt, Collectif, £31Pink Gingham Dress, The Pretty Dress Company, £125 Yellow Gingham Pencil Dress, The Pretty Dress Company, £99

So much gingham, so little time. And space. And money. Hmmmmm. Wonder if I could fit into that old uniform still? Worth a try….



P.S – I’m joking about trying to wear my old school uniform. I’m not that weird! Quite.

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