Outfit: The Toe Caps Are Back!

Toe Caps 7

Remember the story of the Matalan Toe Cap Pumps? Well, I know how you’ve been sat on the edge of your seats for all this time now, wondering how I’ve been coping, and more importantly, did I ever manage to track another pair down? That’s a long time holding your breath, so I thought it was about time I put you out of your misery. In case you hadn’t guessed already – I FREAKING FOUND ANOTHER PAIR. I know. Kind of a miracle, don’t you think? Anyway, the months of endless eBay stalking paid off, and finally somebody somewhere remembered they had a pair gathering dust and listed them. You can imagine the happy dance I did when I spotted them, and I did it again when I won the auction. And now here they are, back where they belong on my feet and in regular rotation again. Until the next disaster, that is. What you can’t see in these photo is a tiny doggy tooth mark on the lovely, shiny tip of the right shoe. Yep, looks like Bons loves them almost as much as me since she thought she’d give them a good old chew for a second time running. Luckily she was spotted in her dastardly deed and apprehended before she could cause too much damage. You think I would learn really, wouldn’t you? But no. I left them lying right there in the middle of the living room floor, all ‘What could possibly go wrong a fourth time??’ Needless to say they are now safely stowed away from puppy clutches.

Since the weather was threatening to do something that looked almost like sunshine the day I debuted them, I decided to wear what transpired to be possibly the brightest pair of trousers I could possibly find. I swear, they didn’t look that bright in the shop when I bought them. Oh well, if nothing else they draw attention to my beloved toe caps that little bit more, and green and gold is a combination I’ve always been fond of so I make no apologies. Except for maybe posing in front of an equally bright yellow door. That one is all on me, my bad….

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