Pssst…! Sale Tips – Up To 50% Off @ Lindy Bop

Ah crap. This is a very inconvenient time for Lindy Bop to decide to hold a massive sale. I’m about to book a holiday, so really shouldn’t be buying yet more Audrey’s. Or any dress really! Even if that weren’t the case, my teeny tiny clothes rail actually collapsed the other night. Yes, actually collapsed in the middle of the night, scattering frocks all over my bedroom floor, much to the shock and dismay of Bonnie who then had to sniff every garment as I painstakingly re-hung them on the rail I had now precariously propped between the wall and a chest of drawers, just to be sure they didn’t have any malicious intentions. There is a new, bigger, sturdier clothes rail on it’s way to me as we speak, but I probably shouldn’t tempt fate by ordering any more of those lovely, heavy, big skirted beauties for now.

Easier said than done though, with so many of my favourite styles at reduced prices – including some of those gingham pretties I featured last week. Thanks a lot, Lindy Bop. And Peggy skirts for £12? ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME?? The only hope left for me is to switch off the Wifi for the next week or so to avoid temptation, but it would have been cruel of me not to share the good news, so go, go and treat yourself to some bargain beauties, I’ll cover my eyes while you do it…..


Hmm. Tea dresses don’t weigh much. And I’m sure I could squeeze another cardigan into one of my drawers….

Happy Shopping!



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