Fantasy Friday – Toast Ikat Apron Dress

We all know I’m not cool enough for this dress:

Toast Ikat

Let’s just get that out there straight away shall we. You clearly need to be 7 foot tall, a waif, and one of those people who can pull off that whole ‘Oh look at me, I just rolled out of bed, threw my hair on top of my head and found a corn field to frolic in, and don’t I look fabulous?’ kind of people. I’m not one of those people. And yet, despite the fact I know this dress is 100% not me, I can’t stop thinking about it.

I think it might be the print. It reminds me very much of something I wore when I was small. I can’t quite remember if it was a dress or a skirt, but all three of us (my sisters and I) had one. Either that, or there was only one actual garment and it got passed down to all of us at some point or other, either way, I’m pretty sure the print looked a bit like this despite the fact all the other points are a little hazy.

I kind of want to buy it. This would be a stupid plan, because I know I probably wouldn’t wear it (I’m not the kind of person who can pull of side boob either!) but there you go. Luckily, £125 is more than I’m willing to spend on a dress described as a glorified ‘Apron’ so the bank balance lived to fight another day. Hurrah! If you are cooler than me and fancy giving it a go though, you can find it here…


It’s not hard to be cooler than me so I reckon you’re in with a good shot at pulling it off….



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