Unlikely Lust Haves – Florence & Fred @ Tesco

Remember when you were a kid and the mean girls at school would taunt the meaker girls by singing, “Let’s all go to Tesco, where (insert name here) buys their best clothes, na na na na……”? No? Just me? Never mind then, but the point was, the Supermarket isn’t the first place you’d think of for a shopping spree. Quite the opposite in fact, there was a time when many people would frankly turn their noses up at picking up a frock at the same time as your carrots and peas. Thankfully we aren’t such frightful snobs these days, and a good job too, because if you ruled out Supermarket branded fashion altogether you’d be missing a trick. I’ve, of course, have never been one to shy away from owning up that I scored a major bargain when it comes to my clothes, but even I forget to consider Supermarket labels when I’m browsing, which is a shame because the ranges available now are not only very affordable, but rather stylish, as I discovered on a recent trip to Tesco.

While staying at my brother’s in Surrey a few weeks ago we offered to babysit my nieces so my brother and sister-in-law could enjoy a rare night out, so we headed out to pick up some supplies from the local Tesco to make dinner. I was more than a little excited to find out it was one of the biggest stores in the South and couldn’t resist having a quick wander around the clothing department, where I completely accidentally found these new pyjamas in my basket:

I spotted quite a few other bits I was tempted by too. First up:

Tesco PJs
Pyjama Bottoms, £8

It’s not like I really needed more pyjamas having just bought two pairs, but I’m still very keen on these cute bottoms. Truth is, they didn’t have my size at the time, otherwise I definitely would have bought them. Pyjamas are a bit of a vice for me, loving lounging around as much as I do it’s only natural I’d want a cute outfit to do it in, and these fit the bill perfectly.

Next up, this sweet underwear set:

Tesco Undies
‘Frankie’ Lace Bra, £10, & Briefs, £5

Like pyjamas underwear is another vice of mine. I have a bit of an obsession with wearing matching sets, so much so that it can really start my day off on the wrong foot if I’m wearing the wrong pants! This particular set comes in an array of pretty pastels, but I’m rather taken with this pale green colour, which would make a welcome addition to my already extensive collection.

Onto frocks now, as a couple caught my eye. Firstly, this one:

Tesco Dress
Floral Maxi Dress, £18

It’s a bit of a departure from what I usually wear, but nonetheless I really like it. It’s got a kind of gypsy vibe going on, and I love the bold floral pattern. It looks like the kind of thing I might wear on holiday, which seems to be just about all I can think about right now….

Tesco Dress 2
Ditsy Print Dress, £11

Now this one is far more like my usual style – a ditzy print that could be worn with bare legs when it’s warm or thick tights and boots during the colder months. I’m pretty sure this dress would be in regular rotation, and if it weren’t for the fact I already have a few similar dresses I’m pretty sure it would have found it’s way in with the groceries!

Next up, and this rather sweet little top:

Tesco Top 2
Blue & White Top, £10

Again, it’s the kind of thing that I could see myself wearing on holiday. The blue and white print conjures up images of Greece for some reason, and ties in nicely with the hippy, festival styles that are around right now.

I’m also struggling not to buy this:

Tesco Top
Bardot Top, £6

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m after some bardot tops, and this one is a complete bargain. The navy and white colourway are sure to go with lots of my clothes.

Lastly, and I’m pretty smitten with these:

Tesco 2 Piece
Striped Skirt, £16, & Top, £10

Ever since I fell for that gingham two piece set from Chicwish last month I’ve been spotting matching top and skirt combos that I like all over the place which is new to me! Unlike the Chicwish set, I would wear both of these pieces not only together but as separates, so I’d really be getting two for one. And we all know how much I love a good deal!

Happy Shopping!




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