Fantasy Friday – Self Portrait Azaelea Dress

Every fashion blogger in the world knows all about the infamous Azaelea dress by London label Self Portrait, right? ‘Bitch, please!’ says all of Instagram at once, ‘Have you been living under a rock??’

Well, no. But I’m hardly a fashion blogger am I really? So no, I hadn’t actually heard all about the Azaelea dress, the dress that appears to have captured the imaginations of bloggers and celebrities alike all over the globe. Other than a vague recollection of skim reading a Marie Claire article about hot young upcoming things once, I didn’t even know who Self Portrait were. Bad blogger. Bad. I did recognise the dress though, but mainly because apart from it probably being the most pinned and Instagrammed dress of the year, it’s also the most copied dress of the year, and my subconscious has been absorbing copy cat versions left, right and centre.

It’s not hard to see why the frock has made such an impact. A quick peruse of #Azaelea will demonstrate that the dress can be worn pretty much however you like – it’s seen as often on the red carpet as it is paired with a denim jacket and Converse. The clever illusion of laser-cut lace over a nude lining give it an edgy yet ethereal appearance, and the shape is one that would flatter most. It’s a dress that is equal parts sexy and girlish at the same time, so it’s no surprise it’s such a hit. Not that I knew…

What I do know though, is that I’m a fan of the latest editions, these pretty pastel blue and mint affairs, available here for the princely sum of £240. Just how is one supposed to choose between two such lovely shades I ask you? Luckily for my bank balance, they’re inevitably selling out quickly and there are none left in my size (LOLZ! See how I said that as if not having my size is the main reason I won’t get to own this dress?) but there are still plenty of copy cats out there should you wish to join the revolution. It certainly doesn’t look like this dress is going anywhere for now, so get in there quick before the copies sell out too!

Top Row L-R: Red Lace Dress, Choies, £16.88 – Burgundy Lace Dress, Missguided, £24 – Navy Lace Dress, Missguided, £19

Middle Row L-R: White Lace Dress, New Look, £39.99 – Black Lace Dress, Oasis, £140 – Pastel Lace Dresses, Romwe, £34.38

Bottom Row L-R: Red Lace Dress, Warehouse, £165 – White Lace Dress, Miss Selfridge, £45 – Black Lace Dress, Chi Chi, £39.99



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