Outfit: More Sunshine, More Polka Dots

Blue Polka Dots 2

Thankfully, the rain from my last outfit post didn’t stick around. The polka dots, on the other hand, did, which is lucky because the sun came back out for a while, and there’s nothing I like to wear more in the sunshine than a good polka dot. There is nothing I like to wear more on most days than my beloved Lindy Bop Peggy skirt (last seen here and here) too, so isn’t it a happy coincidence that this particular Peggy is polka dotted? I love both this and the red version with equal measure, though I will admit I sometimes struggle to get creative with red, and tend to plump for the same old colour combinations every time. Blue, though, is a colour I’m much more confident playing with, so I find this version a little more versatile (shhhh, don’t tell the red one). Regardless I still have a tendency to want to pair blue and white with red most of the time, so I went out of my way to try and be a little bit bolder the day I wore these and go for something a little different.

Enter the yellow shoes! These sunny little things were from Oasis last Summer, and I’m ashamed to say this was only the second time I’d worn them. You see, I’ve always been kind of scared of yellow. I’ve never particularly liked being the centre of attention, and yellow just seems so attention grabbing. I just didn’t believe I could pull it off. I started dabbling with mustard a year or two ago and that seems to have now progressed a little, though I think accessories are daring enough for me for now. I must admit though, I do like the sunny, cheerful colour much more these days, even if it is a little in your face.

Blue Polka DotsBlue Polka Dots 12Blue Polka Dots 6Blue Polka Dots 4Blue Polka Dots 8Blue Polka Dots 9Blue Polka Dots 5Blue Polka Dots 7Blue Polka Dots 11

These pics were taken on one of those sticky days when you feel like there isn’t any air left around you. We’d all had a pretty stressful day, made worse by having to watch the glorious weather from the confinement of the office, so when the mention of a quick drink after work was casually tossed around it didn’t take much to get everyone on board. The pub had been busy for quite some time by the time we made it out, it seems, as what you see me swigging from that classy champagne flute is not champagne, but boring old, bog standard wine (well, a very nice Sauv Blanc actually, but you know what I mean…) I don’t know if you knew, but you drink wine much faster when served in a champagne flute, which I’m actually beginning to believe was really a clever sales ploy rather than a glass shortage, because that wine soon became fizz, which became another bottle of fizz, which became shots and rolling home at 3am, which inevitably led to a sore head the next day. So much for ‘a quick drink’!

I blame the yellow shoes….



In this post: Lindy Bop ‘Peggy’ Skirt (sadly no longer available in blue, but plenty of other polka dots and prints to try here) – White Vest, Oasis – Baby Blue Cardigan, Dorothy Perkins (Similar) – Yellow Bow Belt, C/O Amazon – Yellow Suede Shoes, Oasis (Similar)

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