Pssst…! Sale Tips – Up to 80% Off @ Collectif

If I had to give an award for ‘Best Sales of the Year’, it would hands down go to Collectif. Thier January sale was pretty spectacular, and their Summer sale has been even better, with a load more items items just added this week. The main thing though, that makes their sales stand out from others, is how generous the discounting is. Collectif take a very realistic approach to selling off old stock – where other Brands offer a blanket discount, Collectif take into account the likliness of the item selling and the discount reflects that, meaning as the items dwindle in stock and sizes, the price gets lower and lower. This can be soul crushing, if you spot something you’ve lusted after for months at a rock bottom price only to find there are only size 6s left, but on the other hand if you happen to be one of the lucky few you could be bagging yourself an unbelievable bargain!

Collectif is not a cheap label (not exactly eye-wateringly expensive either though), though now owning three of their dresses I can vouch that the quality make them well worth the price tag, which makes the sale even tougher to resist – I myself have actually succumbed and bought a frock despite my best intentions, so if you are on a spending freeze I seriously recommend you read no further. TURN BACK NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The frock that had me breaking all my promises to myself was this one:

Regina Doll Polka Flock Dress Dusky Blue FrontW

The Regina Doll dress is one I’ve admired from afar, having seen it on a few other bloggers, but was never quite willing to cough up the required £60 for it only because I couldn’t quite decide what sort of occasion I’d wear it for. It’s one of those dresses that sits somewhere in the middle of dressy and casual, and I had concerns it might mean I wouldn’t wear it quite as much as it deserved. When that price dropped down to £15 though? Well, who really cares if I only wear it once with a price that low?? It looks as though I may have picked up one of the last size 10s, as alas, there are only 6s and 8s left now, but if you are lucky enough to be that petite in frame you could be the lucky owner of the Regina too in either Dusky Blue or Teal. I don’t think I needed to have worried about not wearing it – I tried it on straight out of the parcel when it arrived last week and my sister – who isn’t as much of a fan of clothes as me – jumped straight onto the computer to see what else they had on offer!

Another one for the teenier among us, and ‘Hollie’:

Hollie Lurex Wiggle Dress

This rather glamourous lurex wiggle dress is down from £83.50 to an irresistible £21. Again there are only small sizes left, but for those lucky ladies it’s the perfect excuse to buy a party frock you might otherwise have deemed a little too extravagant.

Fear not though, there are plenty of bargains for the curvier among us too, like this Olive Knitted Dress:

Olive Knitted Dress Forest Green

If you happen to be a 14 or 18, this beauty could be yours for just £14. I love the sleek shape of this one, it would be perfect in the winter with a pair of over the knee boots underneath, so I’m pretty jealous that I’m not shapely enough to fit into it…

Luckily there are also plenty of other pretty pieces that have quite a few sizes left either way, though thats better news for my heart than it is for my head, which is now compiling a wish list, which looks largely like this…

Luna Taffeta Swing Dress, £18.25:

Luna Taffeta Swing Dress Teal

This frock, down from £72.50, is the perfect party dress, so much so I’m trying to invent a reason to throw one just so I can buy it. Correction, I’m trying to invent two reasons, so I can have it in both Teal and Green!

Sophie Occasion Dress, £40:

Sophie Occasion Swing Dress in Navy

Okay, make that three reasons. I need a party to wear this one to, because it has £119 off. Read that again – £119!

Ruth Waffle Check Dress, £7.25:

Ruth Waffle Check Dress Navy and Red

Collectif is perhaps best know for 50’s styles, but they also have a great range of 60’s style pieces, which while not a style I wear much in the Summer, would make a great addition to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe paired with thick tights and boots. I’m really keen on this cute little shift dress…

Ruth Flared Check Dress, £8.50:

Ruth flared checked dress  black and white

As am I this flared version….

Gail Geometric Skirt (£9.50) and Lowri Bow Top (£7.25):

Lowri Floral Bow Top  navy

And this little two piece set, which is basically a minimum of three outfits for under £20!

Ah crap. This holiday needs to happen pronto. Someone get me on a plane quick before all my spending money finds it’s way into Collectif’s bank account!



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