Reasons to be Cheerful – IT’S TIME!!!


There have been many times this week where I thought this day would never come. But it has, finally today I jet off for some very much needed rest and relaxation in the sunshine. I’m obviously writing this ahead of time, but I can promise you that by the time you read this I will be THE most excited girl in the room, and most likely the most annoying.

I’ve scheduled a couple of posts to keep you busy while I’m gone (I love how I feel like that’s necessary, as if you couldn’t possibly go a whole week without reading about some skirt I want or how I like tea dresses) and I’m already getting the heebie jeebies about the fact that you’ll be reading words I wrote in the past. Like, what if somehow the posts I scheduled become completely irrelevant? Like perhaps a zombie apocalypse breaks out, or everyone gets so fed up of talking about Brexit that they just go ahead and create a brand new country. My posts would just be sat there, being published daily and everyone would wonder who this braindead girl is who keeps talking about her clothes while SERIOUS SHIT IS GOING DOWN and I’d be powerless to stop them. Because I somehow can’t access the Internet in this alternative reality I’ve just dreamed up. Or what if I died, then I really wouldn’t be able to stop the posts, and I’d be talking about what I wore last weekend from beyond the grave…. I’m going to stop this now because I’m freaking myself out, and talking about dying on holiday is probably bad karma or something, so I’ll leave you with that lovely morbid thought.

Just promise me one thing, if I do mysteriously vanish and never come back, please remember me for more than my witterings about Lindy Bop, okay? Every now and then I do talk about…. um. Well, I’d be kick ass in a zombie apocalypse, I know that much!

Have a wonderful week all, try not to do anything fun without me! And definitely don’t buy anything. Shopping without me is strictly off limits!



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