Fantasy Friday – Maje Reason Dress

I get distracted by clothes a lot. It’s true. I can often be heard whispering “That girl’s dress is from Lindy Bop. It’s called Ophelia….” to a disinterested companion as someone saunters by wearing a frock I’ve been lusting after. Yes, it isn’t difficult, or uncommon, for my attention to be pulled by an amazing garment. Once, I was concentrating so hard on the shoe sale in House of Fraser that I almost walked into a mirror.

It’s less common though, for a dress to literally stop me in my tracks. It takes a special frock to make me stop, turn my head and back track to take a second gander, particularly in Selfridges, where I do my best to avoid looking directly at anything in case it makes me go blind. And yet this one did the job!

Maje Dress
Maje Reason Dress, Selfridges, £213.50

If I were to go blind, I’d lose my sight happy in the knowledge that this gorgeous dress by French label Maje was the last thing I saw. Look at all that lovely embroidered detailing, those perfect pleats, that stunning forest green colour! It’s basically a far more luxurious, far more expensive version of the dress I’m wearing here, which is one of my all time favourite frocks, so of course I want it. Yes, you can have two dresses that look remarkably similar, ok? There’s no law against it…..

Oh ok, I guess I could get the blush version instead. It’s on sale, after all!



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