Outfit: Sunset Orange

Orange 8As I’ve mentioned before, holidays to me mean doing things you can’t, or don’t, normally do at home, and yet it’s surprising how quickly you settle into a new routine. The way we completely fell in sync with the hotel mealtimes, for example. We rose most mornings just in time to catch the last 10 minutes of breakfast. We timed our lunch to a tee, meaning we got to enjoy half an hour of near-total peace by the pool and still arrive just in time for the second helpings. Evenings became a well practiced programme of showering, hanging out damp swimwear to dry and sipping cold beers on the patio leisurely while I beautified myself for dinner. Being as food orientated as I am, its no surprise that eating dictated my day, but even my sunbathing became a perfectly timed rota of front, back, swim, lotion. By far my favourite holiday tradition though, was our evening walks by the sea.

Needless to say, the first night’s spectacular sunset inspired me to want to repeat the experience again and again, and our nightly stroll to walk off dinner quickly became a part of the day I looked forward to almost as much as dinner time, and that, my friends, means it was very special to me indeed. I loved the way the sun hung low in the sky, bathing everything in a warm, orange glow. I loved hearing the birds chatter as they came in to roost and the crickets chirping away in the fields. I loved the way the air stayed warm and balmy well into the night, and the way the sea breeze brought relief from the heat of the day. The sound of the sea lapping the shore instilled a calm in my soul that I haven’t felt for such a long time, and I could have happily sat for hours just absorbing the view and the peace. You know you’ve found the perfect travel companion when you can happily sit in relative silence just taking it all in. I enjoyed them so much that I swear I’d be fit and slinky in mere weeks if I could replicate the same at home. If I had to pick one thing I miss the most from this beloved trip, it would definitely be those walks.

Getting back to doing things you don’t normally do though (which clearly isn’t rambling. I think I just proved I’m a regular rambler…), and this outfit. The sunset inspired more than just a nightly routine it seems. It actually inspired my outfit choices. Orange isn’t a colour I wear very much. Hardly ever at all in fact. I picked up this skirt in the Oasis summer sale last year and have worn it maybe once or twice since then, but something made me slip it into my suitcase, and with my tan stating to deepen and the golden hour so very pretty out there, it seemed like the perfect choice. I have to say I felt pretty great this night, and I’m definitely going to make wearing it more of a habit back home. Hell, if I can’t bring sea-side walks back with me I may as well bring back a new favourite skirt!

Orange 1Orange 5Orange 2Orange 4Orange 3Orange 6Orange 7

Amusing anecdote: You may or may not notice something different in that last pic of me. The outfit is suddenly sans belt. I’m mortified to tell you that I basically sneezed it off. Yes. I sneezed and the belt actually snapped in half. I would love to pretend that this is down to a few too many stuffed vine leaves, but would you believe that today the exact same thing happened to me, at work of all places? Thankfully I was in the loo at the time and not in the middle of a presentation or something! Cringe. Looks like I need to get those nightly walks back on the agenda, beach view or not!



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