Outfit: Thank You, Regina!

Regina 7

When you’re having a bit of a wallow it’s inevitable that many a day is spent make-up free, hair scraped back, in those pyjamas that seem to be covered in dog hair even when they’ve just come out of the washing machine (most of my clothes come out of the washing machine covered in dog hair actually, but these seem particularly bad). I think most people going through a bit of heartache can be forgiven for feeling like there is no point getting dressed some days, and just staying in bed watching Netflix, having a bit of a weep now and then. As long as it’s temporary of course, there is a life out there to be getting on with. A bit of a wallow is fine though, and all very healthy.

I have been as guilty of this as the next jilted girl lately, despite my passion for getting dolled up. I’m not ashamed to say that on the weekends where I had no plans I’ve done nothing but the above, even though the sun has been unexpectedly shining. There is, of course though, the pesky issue of work. You still have to go to work. Well, you don’t, but if you really can’t you might need a bit more than a self-centred bit of wallowing to get you back on track! Anyway, as much as you would like to lock yourself away and not speak to anyone, you do have to put a brave face on sometimes and go about normality, and if there is one thing that helps me do that, it’s a great dress.

I’ve always been a firm believer that if you spend a little time making yourself look as nice as possible, you will start to feel better inside, even if only a little, so on those occasions when I really don’t feel like going outside or I know I’m likely to have a bad day I resist the temptation to throw on a pair of jeans and a baggy jumper and blend into the background and reach instead for a dress that makes me feel fabulous, and the latest one to earn that accolade is my Collectif sale bargain, the Regina Doll dress.

Regular readers might remember me getting all excited about the fact the price had dropped down to a mere £15 in THE BEST SALE EVER earlier in the Summer. I’d already seen this beauty gracing some of my favourite vintage style bloggers so knew it had to be a good ‘un, and I was definitely not disappointed. It’s a beautifully made dress, with yards and yards of twirly skirt and a darling sweetheart neckline. I’m also a huge fan of the bolero style sleeves, which somehow give the frock dimensions that make your waist look both super flat and teeny tiny, and if that isn’t the holy grail of frocks, I don’t know what is! I was very taken with the teal version, it being one of my favourite colours, but I already have the Hell Bunny Madden dress in a similar colour and print, so I plumped instead for this dusky sage colour, which is actually a touch greener than the website suggests, which I really wan’t devastated about, and I’m head over heels with the darling velvet polka dots – always nice to have a dress that feels as lovely as it looks, right?! I paired it with a pair of simple black suede pumps that were an ancient Primark purchase that have started to see better days, but are still a favourite due to the almond shaped toe which you don’t see as much these days. I have them in red too – looking equally tatty – and really wish I’d bought some back up pairs as I haven’t found the right replacements just yet!

Regina 1

Regina 9Regina 2Regina 4Regina 3Regina 6Regina 5Regina 7Regina 8

Needless to say I was thrilled with the purchase and despite not feeling my best it really helped to make me feel on top of my game and ready to take on the world, so thanks Regina! And thanks Collectif! I needed you, and you came through, and I now spy you’ve added yet more £15 bargains to your sale, so maybe since it worked so well I should get some more….!



In this post: Regina Doll Dress, Collectif , limited sizes left so hurry! – Black Suede Pumps, Primark (Similar)

**EDIT: By the time this post went live, 2 more Collectif sale bargains were winging their way to me…. Oopsie….

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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Thank You, Regina!

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    1. The sales are definitely helping! When things get s****y, buy something pretty, my friend used to say! The two I’ve bought are probably a little ill times as they’re quite summery, but they were just so cheap I couldn’t not!


  2. You look so gorgeous in this ensemble Steph! This dress has the ’50s feel to it and I love the polka dots! What stole the show for me is the cap-shoulder style – love it!
    And I agree with you that if we look our best, we feel great within too!!

    Vivienne X

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