Fantasy Friday – Ted Baker Maryne Boots

So yeah. It’s Autumn now, and while I keep pretending it’s still Summer by posting sunny outfit pics, when you head out into the real world it’s a little harder to ignore. I could see my breathe when I took the dog out this morning! The air had that mulchy, rotting leaves smell about it, and my sister and I were collecting conkers at the weekend (not for a conkers competition, sadly, just because my sister read some old wives tale that spiders don’t like them!) CONKERS! Once the conkers start falling you know it’s a slippery slope from there.

So far, I’m coping, because mother nature has blessed us with a very warm and pleasant September on the most part, but I know it’s coming, and it’s a time of year that always gets me feeling a little blue. Sure, I can appreciate those beautiful, crisp days where the sun is low in the sky and the leaves crunch under your feet – but this is England! We don’t get many days like that! I’m trying to stay positive and accepting though, by focusing my attentions on the good things a change in the seasons can bring, namely MORE CLOTHES AND SHOES!! Now, the shops are of course already packed with Winter wear, but I’m not quite there yet. I don’t think I’ve quite got the heart to start looking at coats or woolly jumpers. Boots though, boots are another thing altogether, especially ankle boots. Ankle boots are the perfect compromise right now, because they keep those tootsies warm and dry, but if you’re lucky we’ll still get a few tights-free days yet, so they’re a way of dipping your toes in (geddit?!) without fully accepting that Winter is here!

This particular pair of ankle boots are exactly what I’ve been looking for for quite some time. The problem with transitional dressing is not only how to stay dry without dying of heat exhaustion under your many layers when those unexpected temperatures hit, but treading that fine line between smart yet cosy! It’s so much easier to do day to night dressing in the Summer when all you have to do is take of a cardi and throw on a pair of heels, isn’t it?! Enter the perfect antidote – Ted Baker’s Maryne:

Ted Baker Maryne Boots, £120

Because my aforementioned concerns about looking like a frump in warmer clothes, I much prefer to wear heeled boots, but a stiletto heel isn’t always the most practical choice if the weather is bad (ever had that thing where soggy leaves get skewered onto your heel and you end up trailing them around everywhere you go? Not very classy!) and they also have a tendency to look a little dressy, so the chunkier heel on these makes them perfect for heading straight from the office to the pub for after work drinks without feeling under or over dressed either side! I also love that more pointed toe, which you don’t often see with a thicker heel, which again just makes them look that little bit more sophisticated. Finally, boots are quite often not the most exciting of footwear, but the gold detailing on the buckle, zip and toe is a really nice finish that keeps things interesting.

So I finally find the perfect pair of ankle boots, and they come from bloody Ted Baker? Thanks, life. Now I just need to find a cheaper version!!



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