Outfit: Gin is Just the Tonic…

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Funny how an annual event makes you reflect on the year that has passed isn’t it? Here I was at the Birmingham Gin Festival a year ago, big old rock on my engagement finger. Such a lot has changed since then! Back then I certainly didn’t think I’d be living back home with the ‘rents when I visited the next one, trying to work out whether or not it’s worth renting somewhere but not saving any money or sticking it out a while longer till I have a deposit to buy on my own. Yep, life looks a l’il different now.

One thing that hasn’t changed though, is my love for gin, and my fabulous friends who always join me and make me feel better no matter what. This year’s festival lived up to previous years, offering up buckets of new gins to sample and buy, and I even came away with a new favourite – Brockmans, which is made by adding dark fruit during the distilling process, and while it isn’t a classic fruit gin, it has a definite blackberry tang to it which is lovely! This year we decided to attend one of the master classes instead of just sitting around drinking like the lushes we are, and got to see a spokesperson from Brockmans wax lyrical about the gin and how it was created. It was most educational (and hilarious, the Brand has a bit of a naughty image – think burlesque and secret underground bars with hostesses – which went down a treat with some of the older ladies in the room!). It was a really fun day and really helped to take my mind off things. And not in the way gin usually does, which includes crying and falling over!

Another thing that clearly hasn’t changed much is my transitional wardrobe! My outfit here is remarkably similar to last years, don’t you think?! I mentioned in my last post that burgundy is a bit of an Autumn/Winter staple for me, and thankfully it appears to be still firmly in style this season so I should have no problems rocking my favourite pieces, not that that would stop me. This frock is one I simply don’t wear enough thanks to how short it is, but I’ve found a renewed love for it’s flirty skirt and sweet polka dots! It’s a dress I actually bought as a party dress, but since I only feel comfortable wearing it with tights it lends itself quite well to the colder weather. Speaking of tights, I was not best pleased about wearing them here! We’ve had an exceptionally mild Autumn so far and I think this was the first time in a good few months that I’d had to wear them!  For those who don’t know, tights are my nemesis. I hate them with a passion, but you know, this is England, so needs must. It did mean I got a chance to dig out one of my favourite pairs of ankle boots though, so every cloud and all that! These were a bargain buy from H&M two years ago and I also have them in forest green. One of the things I hate about Winter is how quickly I get bored of wearing the same things all the time, so it’s nice to have some footwear in different colours to mix things up a bit!


So, I wonder how life will have changed by the next Gin Festival? Either way I’ll probably be wearing a dress with ankle boots and a leather jacket, but hey, it’s always nice to have just a little consistency, isn’t it?



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