Outfit: Transitional Dressing

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There I go again, pretending to be a Fashion Blogger and making out like I know about things like ‘transitional dressing’. I do know what transitional dressing means, actually. It means seamlessly shifting from one season to the next using a combination of both sets of clothes. Yeah. Check me out. I know some shit. Anyway, the fact is, transitional dressing isn’t really a thing in England. In fact, in England we don’t even really have Autumn or Spring, we just alternate between Winter and Summer most years, and boy don’t you know it when Winter kicks in! There’s no time to worry about whether to layer on top of your fave Summer frock with a blazer or a leather jacket, the cold weather appears to arrive overnight before you’ve even had a chance to get your coat out of storage! This year, though, things have been a little different. We’ve had an exceptionally mild September and October so far, yet that Wintery chill is still there in the mornings and evenings, meaning for the first year in quite a while I’ve had that conundrum – do I dress to stay warm enough on the commute, or avoid the burden of lugging a hundred extra layers around with you all day once the sun comes out?

This is where ankle boots suddenly become invaluable! I had this problem just a few weeks ago as I was getting ready to head up north to Harrogate for my friend’s hen party. Outside the sunshine was glorious, and being a special occasion I was determined to wear a frock and look as though I’d made an effort. I really didn’t want to wear tights, but bare legs in September, really? Seemed a bit risky. Plus it was way too chilly for wedges and I’d look far too overdressed in peep toes or courts, so what to do? Then I remembered these lace up booties I bought from Primark last year, and the rest, as they say, is history! For some reason I’ve always had a bit of an aversion to wearing ankle boots with bare legs. No idea why, it’s a bit like my aversion to coloured shoes with tights – I see other girls wearing it all the time and think they look just fine, but on myself it’s just somehow wrong. I gave it a shot though, and now I have a new found love for the look! I think it will be a great way of getting a little more wear out of my midi skirts before the really cold weather hits, so watch this space for more ankle boot themed outfit posts!




In this post: Bird print dress, Oasis (Similar) – Tan plait belt, Primark (Similar) – Tan lace up booties, Primark (Similar)

2 thoughts on “Outfit: Transitional Dressing

  1. I tend to wear ankle boots with bare legs a lot during October (although not yet this year as it hasn’t been cold enough) to prolong the bare legs-no tights thing, particularly on casual Friday as it works quite well with some of my more casual Anthro skirts of old.

    I’m a LOT further south than you and we definitely get all four seasons down here – mind you we can’t handle snow and everything tends to grind to a halt so as long as there is no snow I’ll be happy!


    1. Ugh. We’ve managed to avoid snow for the last couple of years, but life stops round here too. Pain in the bum! Love snow at the weekend, but not during the week!


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