Unlikely Lust Haves – Next Kidswear

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured Next in Unlikely Lust Haves. Last time I explained it was because I had a (unfair) belief the clothing was a little mumsy and not very exciting. Well, I’m a woman who is always willing to eat her words when proved wrong! So I’ve been back to Next. Except this time, I’ve had my head turned by something even more unlikely. Kidswear!

Now, I shop for kidswear fairly often having two Nieces, and I’m often cooing over how cute little girls clothes are. I like it almost as much as shopping for myself! But it gets a little weird when you start liking them not because they’re cute, but because you can picture yourself wearing them…. which is exactly what happened on my last visit. Yep, I actually spent most of the trip not thinking, ‘OMG Josie would look totes adorbs in this!’ but ‘OMG I WANT THIS EXACT OUTFIT IN ADULT SIZE!!’

Case in point:

Next Breton Set.jpg
Breton Top & Leggings, £16-£20

Breton stripes? Slim trousers? Er yes please! It’s basically a tiny Audrey slash Coco Chanel outfit!

And this:

Next Yellow Dress.jpg
Yellow Dress, £8.50-£22

As if I didn’t find tea dresses sweet enough already without them making them in teeny tiny form? I’ve already mentally paired this with my favourite tan ankle boots and a big slouchy cardigan….

Oh, hello, look at this:

Denim Shirt Dress, £13-£18

I’d actually been planning on getting myself a denim shirt dress for this Winter, and at first glance I’m not even sure you would know this was a kids one?? I want it anyway – why is it that I always create a very specific image of an item I want in my head, and when I finally find it it’s a million pounds or, erm, made for children.

Moving swiftly on to this:

Next Teal Skirt.jpg
Teal Check Skirt, £20-£26

I’ve also been expanding my mini skirt collection having fell for the 60’s look last year, and this one is right up my street! Shame the mini in this case means child sized….!

Speaking of right up my street:

Floral Prom Dress, £30-£36

Now I’m not being funny but could you get a more ‘Steph’ dress than this? If it wasn’t for the fact is Age 3 – 14 years I’d swear it was by Chi Chi London, and made with me specifically in mind? Hmmmm… Can I squeeze into an age 14 dress I wonder?

No Steph. No, you cannot!

I also cannot squeeze into this sadly:

Cord Pinafore, £12-£13, Stripe Top, £4.50-£5.50

But I’m not going to lie, I want this entire outfit. And I would wear it just like this. Including the hairstyle!

Finally, this 5 year old is rocking Winter wear so much better than me:

Next Jumper and Shorts.jpg
Teal Sweater, £15-£20, Floral Shorts, £9-£14

Like, how does she manage to do that whole slouchy jumper but cute girly bottoms thing so easily? I mean, apart from the fact she is 5? I seriously wish I looked this cool in knitwear. I keep trying, but I just don’t!

And I’m going to leave it there, because this post has become damaging to my self esteem. It’s never good when you start getting jealous of a 5 year old’s wardrobe is it really.

Think I might go buy something grown up to cheer myself up! Like Gin!



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