Saturday Shopping – The Warner Textile Archive Collaboration @ Oasis

Now, normally when I’m waxing lyrical about Oasis it’s because of their pretty florals, which I’ve always been a fan of thanks to my love of all things feminine and girly. Their collaboration with The V&A hit a particular sweet spot for me since it did florals with a beautiful vintage twist, yet in modern styles – perfect for a flake like me who loves a nod to yesteryear, but doesn’t quite have the guts to go head to toe retro! It’s hard to think of a collection that might suit me better, in fact, and yet Oasis seems to have done it again with their latest collaboration! The collaboration in question is with The Warner Textile Archive, a collection of 60,000 textiles and patterns dating as far back as the 1800s. Inspired by some of the more glamorous designs, Oasis have put together a stunning collection of jacquard pieces that really appeals to my glitzy side!

Ever since I was small I’ve always had an eye for a bit of sparkle, earning the accolade of ‘Magpie’ from my parents. It’s something that’s never gone away – my head is still to this day always turned by a glittery finish or a sprinkle of sequins. These days the opportunity to get all glammed up doesn’t come around too often, so alas, I don’t own a huge amount of glitz, but that could change with some of these pieces. Jacquard certainly has that lustrous sparkle thanks to the metallic thread weaved through, but does so in a way that says ‘regal’ rather than ‘Christmas fairy’, I find. These pieces – made up of three majestic combinations of teal, purple or black with gold – will be just perfect for the upcoming party season, but some of them – I’m thinking those mini skirts i particular – could lend themselves equally to casual drinks down the pub, so you won’t ave to save them for best. Bonus!

Cast your eyes over this gorgeous lot….:

You can find these and more here – I challenge you to resist!



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