Outfit: Lady in Red


Ugh. How is it November already??

I really haven’t done well at posting in November either – we’re two weeks in and this is the first! I’m the same every year – as soon as the clocks go back I pretty much stop functioning. Not seeing daylight all day long and the inevitable sniffles that set in almost immediately after the temperatures plummet hit me hard every time and I really struggle to do much more than the required working week for a while. Someone I’m a big fan of reminded me to focus on the positives in life though, so I’ve scheduled a much cheerier post about that on Monday and I’m genuinely going to try and keep the ‘NOOOOO, WINTER, WAAAAAAAAH!’ posts to a minimum from here on in. This outfit post is helping, with it’s dose of cheerful colour, though it is making me yearn a little for the days when you could go out at night without a jacket. It wasn’t even too long ago, back in September for a friend’s hen do, but we had such a mild Autumn this year that it might as well have been Summer still.

This frock is quite a departure from my usual style. True fact – I actually bought it last year in the Christmas sales, but had put on too much weight to wear it and to be honest, was never quite sure it was really ‘me’. I mean, I quite like to be a Wallpaper Wendy and blend into the background normally (yes, me, the one who wears giant skirts!) and a tight, bright red pencil dress with, gasp, cut outs, isn’t really inconspicuous, is it? But much is the way with ASOS dresses, the model just looked so darned smokin’ I thought, ‘Hell, I wanna be that hot too!’ and bought it anyway! Then fate intervened, in that my gut grew too large and it wasn’t really option anymore. Did I get rid of it though? Hell no! I still have that dress I couldn’t breathe in for christ’s sake and we all know I won’t be squeezing into that again any time soon (Disclaimer: I totally will, and I’ll regret it just like last time. Please don’t laugh when that happens) But when this weekend came around and I was feeling smugly skinny and newly single, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it one, just to see. And wouldn’t you know? It fit! And I think I nearly pulled it off!


It seemed like an apt frock for the occasion. We’d gone to great lengths to keep the affair as classy as possible, hiring a gorgeous Victorian mansion in Harrogate for the weekend and treating the Bride to a Champagne tasting and canapes, it was one of those nights where you feel like overdressing is appropriate for a change, and it didn’t disappoint. What happened later was far from lady like of course, but what happens on a hen do stays on a hen do…..!



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