October Lust Haves

I know. October is well gone. But something happens to me this time of year – as soon as I start Christmas shopping my lust for shiny new things starts going off the scale, so I thought I better post a catch up wish list for October, otherwise my November list will be 7 pages long…..!

So, Winter has most definitely descended on us, and in what felt like the blink of an eye the days of bare legs and light jackets were gone and it’s all about covering up as much flesh as possible if only to survive. I’ve mentioned many-a-time that I struggle with my Winter wardrobe, because I find warm clothing so frumpy and cumbersome, so when I find something that allows me to keep out the cold while still looking smart and feminine I get pretty excited, and this lovely Next jumper dress is just the ticket:

Green Textured Dress, Next, £30

Happily, it comes in one of my two go to Winter shades, forest green, so I’d have no trouble at all slotting it in with my other pieces. It also has the added bonus that even though it’s form fitting, that textured fabric will hide a multitude of sins, and that will prove most useful if you’re anything like me and  use the colder months as an excuse to consume all food and booze in a 5 mile radius…

Er, moving on then to this rather delightful jumper from Oasis:

Embellished Jumper, Oasis, £45

As above, knitwear is not one of my favourite things to wear, at least not outside snuggling under a blanket indoors on a Saturday, because I’m just not one of those people who can make a sweater look ‘put together’. This one though, with it’s silky and luxurious looking fine knit and pretty shoulder embellishments manages to almost look dressy, if such a thing is possible from a humble jumper. It also comes in my other Winter go to shade, burgundy. What are the chances?! (FYI – it also comes in forest green, which I think is evidence enough that I need more than one!)

Next, sticking with Oasis, and this biker jacket:

Leather Biker Jacket, Oasis, £160

Now, normally the price of this would render it ‘Fantasy Friday’ fodder, but my existing and beloved biker jacket finally disintegrated last week, and while the bargain hunter in me quivers at the idea of spending so much, the realist in me has to admit that a real leather jacket is likely to last me a lifetime rather than a couple of years, so I probably should look to drop a bit of cash and make an investment. When I looked on the website I actually preferred the style of this faux version (as well as the price!!) but one trip in store proved that it was no match for the real thing, which is made from a butter-soft leather that drapes to perfection, so unless something else comes along I think this may be ‘the one’. Now I just need a handy discount code to come along before it sells out!!

Much closer to my usual budget and this cute little mini from New Look, which very much channels that 60’s vibe I seem to end up plumping for once the dark nights kick in:


Houndstooth Mini, New Look, £19.99

There are actually lots of versions available in various tartan and tweed looks, making it kind of hard to pick a favourite, though I eventually settled for this dog tooth print as it’s a little less bright and probably easier to wear. Hey, for that price though, it wouldn’t be a huge crime to pick up a couple, would it?

Another skirt now, and this darling pencil skirt from Collectif:

Polly Blackwatch Skirt, Collectif, £29

I always find myself admiring blackwatch prints this time of year, probably thanks to the fact it incorporates one or both of those go to colours! I have a pair of Oasis trousers that I wear religiously until the point it gets too cold not to wear boots, but this would help me continue that look all the way till Spring and beyond! Win! I’m actually starting to get excited about polishing up my Dune Stretchy boots for this years run now!

Finally, this:

Lace Camisole, ASOS, £28

You know how when you ask your friends what they’re wearing on Friday night and one of them almost always says ‘jeans and a nice top’? Well, it dawned on me the other day that I am very much lacking in the ‘nice top’ department. Ok, I have plenty of tops you’d call ‘nice’, but not ones you would really class as ‘going out’ tops. See, the more obsessed I got with big skirts and 50’s style dresses, the more dowdy I felt in a pair of jeans, and now if I wear jeans and a top anywhere other than work or to pop to the shops I feel instantly under dressed. I think this top would sit perfectly in the ‘nice top’ category though, with it’s slinky satin and eyelash lace details. A flash of bare back is so sexy in an understated way too, and I’m in love with those sweet little buttons all the way down the back. I suddenly feel like jeans and a nice top is a look I want to explore further!

Ugh. Don’t you just hate knowing you can’t justify buying all this stuff when you have to shop for everyone else? WANT IT! WANT IT ALL! NOT FAIR! Bring on the January sales!!





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