Outfit: The Biggest Skirt at the Ball

I do a lot of moaning that I can’t buy beautiful frocks like this one because I don’t have any balls to go to. As it turns out though, I do! The Annual Rugby Club Fundraiser, which was this year was held in the new stadium. Wish I’d remembered that back in April while I was busy talking myself out of buying it! That epic fail of course left me with the tricky task of choosing what to wear.

I never know what to wear to these things (I say that as if I go to balls every weekend – I really don’t!) This is going to sound strange coming from someone who wears wiggle dresses to work and has been known to wear her best heels to do the washing up, but I don’t really know how to do formal wear. I know! Me, the girl who over dresses for Sunday lunch at the pub! As I’ve mentioned before though, despite my love to frock it up pretty much all the time, I do so with a constant nagging worry that everyone around me is secretly thinking I look like an idiot. So you would think I would relish the chance to attend a proper formal affair, where no-one would bat an eyelid at me for dressing to the nines, but no, these things kinda fill me with dread.

When I say I like getting dressed up, I mean a very specific kind of dressed up. I mean high heels and sequins to go out dancing, or a big, pouffy 50’s style skirt (which, in fairness, while dressed up on me, Doris Day would probably have happily have worn to clean the oven in. Hang on, I bet Doris Day didn’t clean her own oven….. Oh forget it, you know what I mean). When it comes to balls, I conjure up images of floor length gowns and intricate up dos and my palms get all sweaty, because honestly? Put one of those floor length gowns on me and I’m pretty sure I look like one of those 5 year old pageant entrants on Toddlers and Tiaras. Like I’m a child dressing up in my Mum’s clothes, basically. I think it’s to do with the fact that I already feel like a fraud at this kind of thing, I could not be less formal if I tried. I find the effort of trying to be a better, more polite and interesting version of myself exhausting, and sure, I can strike up conversation with strangers easy enough, but that doesn’t mean I like doing it! Frankly, spending any amount if time in a room full of strangers just makes me want to sneak home and curl up with a good book and the pup. I normally spend most of the night convinced that any minute now someone is going to realise it’s well past my bedtime and escort me from the building.

So what did I wear in the end? A huge, pouffy 50’s style skirt, of course! And I would love to say I felt full of beauty and confidence, but I didn’t. I still felt like a plonker. Ironic, that I felt I’d feel self-conscious in a floor length ball gown, so instead opt to wear ‘The Biggest Skirt In The World’ in a room full of people in floor length ball gowns…. Classic Steph.




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