Reasons to be Cheerful -Black Friday


I’m a little late to the Black Friday party. I mean, I like a bargain and all, but all those videos and news broadcasts of carnage in the streets and people tearing each other’s hair out for a 10% discount on a TV when it first took off here well and truly put me off. I don’t like strange people at the best of times, but hoards of them? With a bloodthirsty look in their eyes and a heart intent on wrenching anything and everything you got to first out of your cold dead hands? I’ll pass thanks. Happily though, most retailers offer the same discounts online now so you can make the most of the sales without leaving the comfort of your home or putting your life at risk. Happy days!

Now, I know someone is going to make me feel really bad now, and tell me what a terrible conformist I am, and how I’ve been seduced by the commercial trappings of modern day life, and that I’m killing independent retailers and that I should free my soul by refusing to buy anything at all until everything is back to normal prices. But here’s the thing – I was gonna buy all this stuff anyway. I was starting to get a little stressed out about how behind I was with my Christmas shopping, but voila! One weekend of generous discount codes, and not only am I now nearly done, but I was able to buy my loved ones bigger and better pressies than I was originally planning without going over my budget, and I just can’t really fall out with that!

I completely agree in theory – anyone who is willing to get their face trampled on for the sake of saving a couple of quid on a spice rack they didn’t realise they wanted till right now this second needs to get their head tested. And it does seem to bring out the worst in people – I had to pop into town to run some errands on Friday during my lunchbreak and it was indeed hideous. Even Primark had a sale. Primark! And people were going nuts for it! I walked straight back out the door before I made it past the first display, even I couldn’t handle people fighting over jumpers that cost £1.50 more the day before. But if I managed to get a couple of extra little bits for my family, or could now afford that gift that was just a little out of my price range before? Well, I’m not going to lose any sleep over that.

Um, does it make a terrible person that I finally managed to get this jacket at a price I could justify though?

Hope not, because it’s not going back…..!



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