Saturday Shopping -Perfect Party Shoes @ River Island

River Island isn’t one of the first stores I think about these days when I’m in the market for some new clobber. In fact, it isn’t a store I think about very much at all. I think perhaps it’s because I associate it with my teenage years, when pretty much everything I owned came from either there or Bay Trading. I’m pretty sure that up until the day skinny jeans became the norm I’d never owned a pair of jeans that hadn’t come from River Island. Remember jeans before skinnies? All stretchy and boot cut and probably with diamantes on the back pockets? Stylish they were not…. Anyway, bearing in mind I am not a fan of my style choices back then, it’s probably not surprising that I’ve subconsciously discredited it as somewhere I’d want to shop now I think my personal style is a little more grown up.

That’s not really fair though, given that all the stores around back then were selling similar things – it wasn’t River Island’s fault that 90’s and Noughties fashion was pretty hideous! I’ve grown up and so has River Island, and that has never been so apparent as when a friend of mine shared this image on Instagram last week:


Wowzers, I thought. Those are some seriously gorgeous shoes, perhaps I’ve been missing out? So I popped on over to the website, and oh dear, it turns out I have. What I found was a multitude of gorgeous shoes all perfect for the upcoming party season. The collection is a rather glamorous mix of velvet, satin and metallics, with a generous sprinkling of glitter and embellishments, all in sumptuous festive jewel tones. The best part though, is that prices start at just £35! Cast your eyes over this gorgeous lot….:

I’m seriously struggling to pick a favourite, though those Manolo Blahnik look-a-likes are rather gorgeous, as are the dark green satin pumps with crystals on the toe. Or those brown satin sandals. Or the embroidered courts…. oh darn it. Happily, there are still some Black Friday deals knocking around, so who knows, maybe some of them will become mine!

Please Santa, pretty please?!




2 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping -Perfect Party Shoes @ River Island

  1. I worked part-time at River Island from 1998 – 2001 around college / uni hours. As soon as I turned 16 I applied as I loved it in there! I for sure plowed all my wages back into clothes but who cares, I had a great time working in the Basingstoke store – although I hated working at the White Rose Centre one in Leeds as it involved two busses from Headingley to town then out again – in the dark. Nope! They town centre one never had any vacancies, they were very good about moving staff around within the brand back then so I was at the top of the list but no one ever left. Grrr.

    Anyway that was a tangent. So, even back then the shoes were fabulous. It just so happens I was browsing their shoes on Friday night too and thought how good they are right now and at a decent price point. I never ever go in RI anymore as it looks like it’s for teens now whereas when I worked there it was more aimed at young working women. I might be tempted to browse online again though based on the strength of the footwear 🙂


    1. It’s funny isn’t it, thats exactly how I remember River Island too – I think I liked it so much because I saw it as ‘grown up’. You’re right about tem always having great shoes, I remember having a pair of bright turquoise, pointy kitten heels that I loved until they completely fell apart! They were hideous by todays standards but at the time I thought they were the coolest!! x


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