Fantasy Friday – Sophia Webster ‘Maya’

I might have been trying to be good and avoid Christmassy sparkle when shopping for treats at the moment, but when looking at fantasy items? Well, there’s no harm if you know you have no real chance of ever owning them, is there? Other than the dark void inside they create that will never be filled of course, but I’m getting used to that now…

Anyway, when I stumbled across these new Sophia Webster beauties I actually wasn’t instantly enamoured:

Sophia Webster ‘Maya’, £425

They’re nice enough – a classic two part sandal in black suede, with attractive gold details and a slim pin heel. There is of course what looks like a bow on the back that is classic of Sophia’s designs, and the added sparkle of some rose gold crystals. All in all a perfectly nice shoe.

Then I had a look at the view from the back and everything changed:


Wow! Talk about showstopping! Suddenly that bow is more than just a bow! It’s a perfectly crafted, crystal adorned work of art! I love how they have a vintage, art deco feel to them, yet still somehow resemble the butterflies that Sophia Webster is so famous for. Just beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that it seems a shame for them to be all the way down on your feet, on the floor! These babies deserve a display cabinet all of their own in my opinion!

These are also available in gold or silver, both with fun, rainbow crystals, but it’s this gorgeous contrast of rose gold and black that has me most excited. It’s a combination that is both striking yet classic, and would be the perfect partner for your favourite LBD – after all, with shoes like these, you don’t want your dress to be doing the talking! Oh how I wish they could be mine!

Excuse me while I search inside the couch for some more loose change….




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